Monica Belucci cast in new film of James Bond, Bond girl would be

Italian model and actress Monica Bellucci

Italian model and actress Monica Bellucci

London … News Time

James Bond James Bond series film for Spectre Italian model and actress Monica Bellucci was chosen as the Bond girl. Monica film actor Daniel Craig in Spectre will show the opposite. Media film director Sam Mendes called the handsome 50-year-old Monica, their role is discussed in detail. Monica still going to be a Bond girl in acteres is older. Before announcing his choice to struggle Spectre was being taken to the actress Judi Dench. Monica told about it when he called Sam Mendes did not believe them because they were thinking that a 50-year-old heroin in James Bond movies work or do I have Judi being removed if so, why? What works well in this film, but Sam told all the questions that we are together again for the first time in the history of the James Bond film of the age of heroin is required, it will be a revolutionary change and its There can be no better for you. Acteres Bellucci for the older hero, Sam called and said she cast her in the film we all are with older acteres. The new James Bond film, Italian actress Monica Bellucci and Daniel Craig in the lead role, whiles the double Oscar winner Christoph Waltz and the main cast also includes Léa Seydoux French actor and film shoots in London, Rome and Austria being the high mountains is.


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