Pakistani delegation led by Finance Minister Asad Umar participated in the IMF/WB spring meetings

Where will the stop destruction of the economy in Pakistan?

News Time Finally, all the terms of IMF have been officially accepted. If something remains vacant then it is about to implement these terms. For example, IMF insists that the government ... Continue Reading →
Sudanese defence minist Gen. Awad Ibn Auf

Sudanese defence minist Gen. Awad Ibn Auf steps down as head of transitional military council

Khartoum … News Time Major General Awad Ibn Aouf, resigning from the post of the interim military council, after the expulsion of President Omar al-Bashir in Sudan Lieutenant ... Continue Reading →
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and BJP expected to face tough competition between Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Who is the won in Indian elections?

News Time The first phase of the 17th elections in the world’s largest democracy, Indo-Lok Sabha was completed, 20 million voters used their right to vote for 91 seats of 20 ... Continue Reading →
Presenting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signing the decree to announce the US President Donald Trump Golan Heights Area to be part of Israel

Trump wants to eradicate the Palestinians!

News Time President Trump March was not listening to flowers at the White House press conference while declaring the Syrian Golan Heights Area to be part of Israel. And pleased with ... Continue Reading →
United States Senior Republican Senator Rand Paul

Without Senate’s permission, to go to war with Iran, US. Sen. Rand Paul

Washington … News Time US President Barack Obama has warned that American President Donald Trump can not fight Iran without the permission of the Congress. Kentucky lawmaker ... Continue Reading →
It is clear that before the US President Trump has held two meetings with the North Korean President

US consider sanctions relief for North Korea

Washington … News Time US President Trump says the third meeting with North Korea’s head Kim Jong Un is considered to be a humanitarian relief on sanctions against North ... Continue Reading →
The current President Joko Widodo faces the tough competition of the former military general Prabowo Subianto in the presidential election

Indonesia, presidential election will be held on April 17

Jakarta … News Time Presidential elections in Indonesia will be on April 17, the country’s current president Joko Widodo faces the tough competition of the former military ... Continue Reading →
Hague International Court of Justice

US President Donald Trump has declared the International Court of Justice illegal

Washington … News Time The US President Donald Trump has said that the Hague International International Court of Justice has been called illegal court. The “ICC” ... Continue Reading →
Arabs NATO included Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen and Egypt troops

Egypt’s Refusal to Join Arab NATO

Cairo … News Time Egypt refused to join the Arab security forces of 7 Arab countries. According to the International News Agency, the Egyptian government has surrendered a coalition ... Continue Reading →
American actor and United Nations special envoy Angelina Jolie

Afghan women should be able to raise their voice for themselves, Angelina Jolie

New York … News Time Hollywood’s latest actress Angelina Jolie said once again in favor of Afghan women. Afghan women should be able to raise their voices for themselves, ... Continue Reading →