Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey Vonn back in action

Wael — News Time Contests Hill’s current Olympic champion Lindsey Vonn bounced back in action again. Hunting accident last week on his right knee was hurt, one day after ... Continue Reading →
Iran and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce joint

Iran and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce formed a joint expected in a month

Tehran — News Time Iran’s disputed atomic program in Geneva, signed the deal after the trade ties between Washington and Tehran have begun to recover. Iranian Chamber of Commerce ... Continue Reading →
Soccer match-fixing

London: Football arrest of six people accused of match fixing

  London — News Time Britain’s National Crime Agency to football match-fixing charges detained six people. Idea being expressed that the men who put the match conditions ... Continue Reading →
Continuation of the ongoing protests in Egypt

Continuation of the ongoing protests in Egypt, a student killed, 21 injured

Cairo — Time News Students in Cairo during anti-government protests, clashes, killing one student and injuring twenty. Ahmad Ansari, a health ministry official said the victim ... Continue Reading →
Attack on military arms depot in southern Libya

Attack on military arms depot in southern Libya, 40 dead

Tripoli — News Time Military arms depot in Libya’s south ablaze huge cache of arms in addition to the destruction of at least four people dead and several wounded. Arms depot ... Continue Reading →
Hollywood action movie Hercules

Hercules Hollywood action film released a new trailer

Los Angeles — News Time Based on the twelve hundred BC Greek warrior Hercules Hollywood action movie trailer was new. Centuries ago in the movie is shown, the rule of a tyrant ... Continue Reading →
Prohibition Prophets Conference

Global anti- blasphemy laws: the prohibition prophet’s kanfrnsmdynh

Medina Manawara — News Time Shrmdynh Medina in Saudi Arabia at the end of the three-day Conference on ‘ sacred prophets elderly persons punishable offense to insult, calling ... Continue Reading →
Dr. Shakeel Afridi

Dr Shakil Afridi, charged with murder, the U.S. State Department criticized

Washington — News Time The U.S. State Department who helped find Osama bin Laden killing Afridi to prosecute the target of intense criticism voiced concern that Shakil Afridi ... Continue Reading →
U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jane I could

Pak-Iran gas pipeline could be severely restricted: United States

Washington — News Time America is once again threatened Iran nuclear deal with Pak-Iran gas project despite the U.S. stance has not changed, if Pakistan and Iran did not back ... Continue Reading →
Former Prime Minister Berlusconi

Italy, the former Prime Minister Berlusconi Unsubscribe

Rome — News Time Italy’s former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Senate against them, found guilty in tax fraud case thrown out of Parliament after that. According to foreign ... Continue Reading →