Which of the 10 countries that will not be considered next year 2018

Which of the 10 countries that will not be considered next year 2018

Which of the 10 countries that will not be considered next year 2018

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What year is it? This question is not very easy. People have created calendars for time-consuming. But time is fast; it can not be caught, and can not be identified as countdown. It starts the complexity. How to start the beginning? Where to count and what steps?

Today, Urdu News will tell you about different calendars. Today there are many calendars available, but have been for many years

Russia will celebrate the year 2018


Most of the world’s countries travel according to the Georgian calendar. It was presented by Pope Gregory XIII in the place of Julian’s calendar. The difference between these two calendars is 13 days today, and it increases 3 days each 400 years. That’s why the New Year’s Holiday is: According to the Julian calendar it’s a new year, and some countries still celebrate it. However, nobody ignores the “regular” New Year. The Georgian calendar was introduced in the Catholic countries in 1582, and it was slowly introduced to other countries. According to this year, the year 2018 will start January 1.

Thailand will celebrate the year 2561


In Thailand, according to 2018 year 2561 (Georgia calendar). Officially, Thailand remains according to Buddhist Chandra calendar, which has started Buddhism since which Nirervana has been obtained. However, they also use the Georgian calendar. Often foreigners are exempted, and according to this calendar the dates and documents are written. Buddhist calendar is also used in Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

Ethiopia will celebrate the year 2011


The Ethiopian calendar is 8 years behind the “regular” calendar. In addition, it has 13 months a year. There are 12 months 30 days, and the last one is very short, depending on whether or not it is a year old or not. Apart from this, their day is not at midnight but on the sun. The Ethiopia calendar is based on the ancient calendar of Alexandria.

Israel celebrates 5778 years


The Hebrew calendar is officially used in Israel together with Georgia. All Hebrew holidays, memories of memories and relatives are celebrated according to the first day of birth. The new Moon starts months, and on the first day of the year (Rush Hashsa) can be only on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. Therefore, to do all this work is extended for a day last year. The Hebrew calendar presents its first gift from which it was earlier October 7, 3761 BC, 5 pm and 204 parts. The Hebrew calendar contains an hour of 1,080 parts, and each of them has 76 moments.

Pakistan will celebrate the year 1439


The Islamic calendar is used to use dates of religious holidays and as a government calendar in some Muslim countries. Hadith, the beginning of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the beginning of Madina (622 AD). The beginning of the month is the beginning of the new month when the moon first comes after the new moon. One year’s length in the Islamic calendar is 10-11 days less than the solar year, and months are about seasons. Summer months are contrary to winter.

Iran celebrates the year 1396


Persian Calendar, or solar cell cellular calendar, is a official calendar in Iran and Afghanistan. It was created by the poet Omar Umar Khamam, born by a group of Startermatic solar calendar universities. It starts with Hajj like Islamic calendar, but it is based on a solar year, so the month remains in the same season. Weekends start on weekends and end on vacation, and then are always in unnecessary days.

India Year 1939 celebration


The united National Calendar of India was not produced before and was introduced in 1957. It is based on the size of Sacre Ara, which is the ancient system of a legendary system widely in India and Cambodia. Other calendars in India are also used by different tribes and tribes. Some start writing from Krishna’s death date (3102 BC). Others have secured 57 years of power from the rise of Vikram. According to the Buddhist calendar, one third groups begins with the historical death history of death (543 AD).

Japan will celebrate 30 years


There are currently 2 Chronronologies in Japan: one who starts with the birth of Christ and the traditional one. Later on the years of rulers of Japanese emperors. Each emperor gives his name a name: its ruler’s example. Starting since 1989, is a “Peace and Peace Tour”, and belongs to the throne Emperor Aquitot. Last time – the bright mind world – continued for 64 years. In most official documents, 2 dates are used: according to a Georgia calendar and according to the present era in Japan.

China will celebrate the year 4716


The Chinese calendar is used in Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. Emperor Hundangi ruled his power 2637 BC. I started the calendar is chocolate and it consist of jointly combined bicycles. Within 60 years, the combined sun goes around 5 times, and there are 5 elements of the Chinese calendar. A circle of joint around the sun seems 12 years, and those years have received their names from animals. In 2018 (Georgia) will be the dog’s year.

North Korea will celebrate 107 years


Joshi’s calendar has been used in North Korea since July 8, 1997, as well as with Christ’s birth writing. The countdown date is 1912, in writing history, both calendars are used. According to the geography calendar next year, the Gregorian calendar is written in the pirates next year.


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