The issue of recognizing Israel, Honor or Humiliation

Pakistan Air Force Lieutenant Saiful Azam and Brigadier Zia ul Haq

Pakistan Air Force Lieutenant Saiful Azam and Brigadier Zia ul Haq

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It is a matter of self-determination, someone gets respected by the enemy’s fighter plane and someone gets medals by tanks on their own. Every medal does not cause respect, sometimes it becomes a cause of disgrace.

Come on! Listen to two beautiful stories today. There is a respect story, the story of another humiliation. The first story is Flight Lieutenant Saiful Azam. This brave Shahin of Pakistan Air Force has got the honor that he should not only target India but also his war against Israel, with his skill and bravery. He was posted in 1965 in Sargodha in 1965. During the war with India, they got starvation when the Indian air force was killed. The next year, he was sent to Jordan. When Israel’s Combat aircraft attacked Jordan during the Arab war of 1967, Saiful Azam destroyed two Israeli Combat aircraft. A few days later, he was sent to Iraq and he destroyed two Israeli planes. Jordan’s King King Hussain gave military honor to Saiful Azam but he used to think Saul Azam in his car was proud of walking on the streets of Oman. Saiful Azam was from East Pakistan. In 1971, Pakistan became two talents and became part of Bangladesh Air Force and retired as a group caption in 1979.

The second story is Brigadier Zia ul Haq. He was sent to Jordan by the Pakistan in 1970. In September 1970, King Hussein launched a military operation to withdraw organization Freedom Palestine (PLO) from Jordan, which also used tanks. This operation led by Brigadier Zia ul Haq. During this operation, the PLO and Jordanian army had a strong fight in which many innocent Palestinian refugees were also killed. King Hussain also gave a medal to Brigadier Zia ul Haq on the success of this operation but this mediator could never be respected for Ziaul Haq. The same Brigadier Zia ul Haq threw power over Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s government in 1977. Yasser Arafat, head of the PLO, said that regret over Palestinians in Jordan became the ruler of Pakistan. Ziaul Haq has forgotten what the Pakistani people have forgotten with the Palestinians, but Palestinians will never forget.

In 1973, in the Israeli war, one of the PAF’s brave Shaheen Abdul Sattar Alvi broke the Israeli plane by the Syrian Air Force’s Mig 21 and earned honor for Pakistan. Leading Lebanon, during the war of Israel, had plenty of time to Lebanon and Syria. Later, I also agreed to go to Gaza on the way to Egypt, and I saw my Palestinian blindfolded blood in Israeli blood. From Beirut to Gaza and from Damascus to Cairo, I remembered the pilots of Pakistan wherever I went. They used to celebrate the Pakistan Air Force pilots but did not forget to condemn Gen Ziaul Haq as well. Do not see what the rulers of Arab countries think about Pakistan and what they say. See what people of Arab countries think of Pakistan.

Today, Pakistan is advising that diplomatic relations with Israel should be established Israel and India will end the alliance against Pakistan. The question is who is suggesting Pakistan’s friendship with Pakistan? Is Pakistan’s interest behind this advice or is someone else’s interest? In 2018, the fear of the new book Fear of American journalist Bob Wood Ward has appeared. This book clearly states that American President Donald Trum wants to withdraw Iran from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen at all costs. And for this purpose the United States has decided to make the alliance with Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf states.

A few years ago Saudi journalist Daham al-Enzi wrote in his column entitled “Yes” for the Israeli embassy in Riyadh in the Arabic newspaper Al-Khaleej. Saudi Arabia should open its embassy in western Jerusalem and Israel should open the embassy in Riyadh bcause the Jews are our cousins, whereas Iranians and Turks do not even have a chance of us. This debate in Arab media has begun whether Saudi Arabia or Israel should have diplomatic relations or not? The Saudi government is currently silent on this matter but it seems clear that in the Middle East, power supply between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Israel is being brought to Saudi Arabia as a coalition. It is not easy to recognize Israel for Saudi Arabia because the majority of Muslim countries have not yet established ties with Israel. These countries include Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Algeria, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Qatar, and Bahrain, UAE, Tunisia and other countries. So Pakistan is being pressured to be friendly with Israel so that the rest of the Muslim countries are also eager to do this difficult task. Pakistan is being told that taking recognition of Israel will end the end of the United States and India’s united alliance but the fact is that it is preparing to incorporate Pakistan into a new alliance that is against Iran.

Will this step of Pakistan not violate Section 40 of our Constitution? Who makes the Pakistani state work to promote Islamic unity and to promote global peace? Do we have to see Pakistan’s interest or become a coworker? No matter whether or not, Pakistan needs no need for Israel, neither Israel nor Pakistan. Support for Europe is going to end soon. Of the 28 European countries, 9 European countries have acknowledged the Palestinian state. Spain, France and Ireland are also considering recognizing Palestine but the Israeli government does not accept the Palestinian state. In addition to Europe, Israel has been growing opposition in the United States as it is clear on the world that extremism can not be eliminated without resolving the problem. Britain’s opposition leader Harry Carbon is opposed to openly open Israeli aggression. According to the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN), a global organization of Jews is active against Israel in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and other countries and the Israeli state threatens global peace. The founder of this organization is British author Salema James himself a Jew. Today, scholars like Salema James and Noam Chomsky are suffering from pain. A few years ago, the Netherlands government told the Jews around the world to raise their voices on Israel’s oppression against the Palestinians, if Israel is recognized by Pakistan in this situation then who will be benefiting? Pakistan should play an effective role in resolving the problem of the Palestinian community together with a global community because of the problem of Palestinians the problem will open the way of solution to Kashmir. Pakistan should not make any mistake in the Middle East due to pressure of a global power or a few billion dollars in 1970, Brigadier Zia ul Haq did in Jordan.


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