Is Pakistan’s Future Civil War?

Deadly Embrace, a book about Bruce Riedel, former U.S. President's adviser regarding Pakistan and Afghanistan

Deadly Embrace, a book about Bruce Riedel, former U.S. President’s adviser regarding Pakistan and Afghanistan

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Think tank in Broking Institute Institute in America is considered worldwide. In this institution, various issues of experts give their opinion. Writing articles, discussing and discussing the future. Bruce Riedel also works as former American president adviser in this topic of opinion. Bruce Riedel has worked with four former US President Bush Senior, Bill Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama. These American secret agencies continued to serve in various CIA positions in southern Asia and terrorism. This has done many visits to Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and Iran. Know these countries and their problems well. Today, after retirement, writing and thinking and writing works in the broking institute. There are many books in the book.

His opinion is not widely heard by the Americans worldwide. The first comprehensive introduction from Bruce Riedel was through his book The Search for Al.Qaeda. I do not think there is a better book than Al-Qaeda and the main leaders of the Taliban which is written with the knowledge and analysis of information. At the end of this book, Bruce Reedle also set up some recommendations to address the problem of terrorism around the world. In these recommendations, Bruce Riedel urged the United States to resolve Kashmir dispute for the establishment of peace in South Asia. While settling in the Middle East, the problem of Palestinians is resolved. Bruce Riedel is usually called the Pakistani poet, but he made the recommendations in the book which reflect the longest demands of Pakistan. After this, a book of their book, Deadly Embrace, and then another book, Avoiding Armageddon, America, India and Pakistan to the Brink and Back also came to the market. These books have great information and analysis to see Pakistan’s affairs globally. What you say is what you find. You can find the path and light if the search is correct. People who live in the tackle of conspiracy and dishonesty at all times  conspiracy with books and information  and the smell of anxiety comesAnd they get this smell more contaminated environment further.

Most of the events sitting on our TV channels are of the same disease. People who get gifts from writers get help. The rest is yours, what you search for and what is your destination because the search belongs to the destination. Some years ago, Bruce Riedel wrote in the above mentioned book, Pakistan will not change its distance, but it will take a while. Pakistan will face severe economic problems. Due to extremists, there will be serious problems of peace and this will be the time that the airport and port of any country in the world will not accept any reader of Pakistan this country will suffer from civil war.

I did not understand Bruce Riedel’s statement but it was a matter of fact in some corner of the brain. I often missed the attack on the Army Public School and after various steps of the preparation and implementation of the National Action Plan. The Financial Action Task Force asked Pakistan to take action against 8 different militant groups and then put Pakistan into the gray list; once again the word of the old Jewish CIA was like a hammer in my mind. Gray means danger and blacklist means destruction for a country like us. If Pakistan is declared blacklist in the Financial Action Task Force Index so it means that Pakistan will face severe difficulty exporting its country’s foreign currency abroad. The container that is sent abroad in a week will take clearance in clearance. The external world will end the banking contact from Pakistan. The rupee will be more than once and dollars. We will be pushed to the Stone Age.

If anyone has any doubts, then they will know that this situation will be done in Pakistan which is Iran and North Korea because these two countries have also been called Blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force. God does not do it. Prime Minister Imran Khan is meeting on this issue. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif decided to make a tough decision on this issue so the news of a meeting was made against the news, “Dawn Lucks Scandal”.Today’s news is our Asia Pacific Group has reviewed the decision to put or not put a blacklist in June. God bless. On the previous days due to any official work, Khanaib of Lal Masjid, Islamist Maulana Abd al-Aziz, got to join Jamia Hafsa. In his meeting Asfandyar Mir, his spokesman Hafiz Uthshamam and my friend, had a doctorate degree in Kuner Injuries from the United States. Maulana commented on the latest situation in the country. Finally, ask him, what are you looking forward to Pakistan’s future? Maulana shouted civil war. After listening to Maulana, I once again remembered the old Jewish Bruce Radal. The difference between Earth and Sky in Maulana and Bruce Riedel, but both of them are the same. But why?


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