Is it possible war in the United States and China?

Thucydides Trap: Are America and China Head of War?

Thucydides Trap: Are America and China Head of War?

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China’s development was somewhat short-lived; it was believed that economic growth would force China to change its political system. And its immortal system will turn into a liberal system and China will become a responsible global part. But now the day the body is seen China as a threat and such concerns are increasing the tension between the United States and China can change between the two forces in the form of a war which will affect the whole world. A model is being mentioned in the United States, which is called Thucydides Trap, according to the name of the Greek historian Thucydides.

Destined For War: Can America and China Avoid Thucydides Trap, the Professor of International Affairs of Harvard University? A book has been formatted by every policymaker, specialist and journalist. Professor Graham Allison told that Thucydides Trap is a dangerous process in which an old power feels the danger that the emerging power will replace it. In ancient Greece, when Sparta felt threatened by Athens, he fought. In the 19th century, Britain felt threatened by Germany and today China is challenging the United States. Prof. Graham Allison has identified 16 such examples by examining 500 years of history in which emerging powers faced the already existing power and 12 out of 16 resulted in a war. They say that America and China’s competition is a decisive stage of global relations. So can America and China survive Thucydides Trap or is it just an academic debate? Professor Gu Quan of China’s famous naval expert and nstitute of ocean research, said Pecing University’s theory of Thucydides Trap is not reliable. Professor Gu Quan says China’s development is good, but its current power is not comparable to the American power. And China can compete with the United States somewhat in the Pacific Ocean. The face of both countries in the Pacific may cause a war between the two forces.

US Naval War College’s professor strategy Andrew Erickson says China’s current naval power is no more impressive, but it is getting better. China is developing modern war ships that are approaching the capacity of European warriors. They say China’s navy strategy is being held day-by-day. China’s naval power moves around China to keep America away from China. Beijing wants China to interfere with China’s intervention. For example, China wants that if he uses power in Taiwan and America tries to enter Chinese water so he feels that he may have to pay a heavy price for this infiltration. But the tension between America and China is related to some personalities.

President Xi Jinping has come as a leader of China, said Elizabeth Economy, from the Asia Studies Council on Foreign Relations. This signifies China’s major role in global affairs. According to Elizabeth Economy, President Xi Jinping’s efforts have not been given much attention to the global institutions in accordance with Chinese values. America is also changing its position. America, China and Russia consider such powers that are ready to consider their ideology. The US military thinks China as its competitors. But there is another trend in America that is still in its early stage. Some people in Washington talked about a cold war with China, like Russia. But unlike cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union, there is also an aspect of cold war with China which was not with the Soviet Union. China and the US economy are linked to each other, which leads to a new dimension of cold warfare and is in the technology sector.

The dispute between Huawei Telecommunication between America and China clearly shows it. The US is implementing restrictions on using Huawei technology in its communications network and also pressing on allies that they do the same. The dispute with the US’s Huawei technology reflects the American thinking that it sees China’s technology sector in the context of theft of secrets and secrets. It is thought that China is determined to become a dominant global power in the next decade; it depends on the speed of Chinese development. There are such indications that, since maintaining the dictatorship of the political system, its economic growth may be doubled. If China’s economic growth slows down, what will be the result? Some people believe that President Xi Jinping will succeed in pursuing his plans while some believe that it will question the legal justification of President Xi Jinping’s rule. In order to overcome, they can embark on the feelings of nationalism or more aggressively on the globe.

America and China’s competition is real and it will not end. A strategic mistake can prove to be very dangerous. Both countries stand on a strategic tour. Either of them will have to find out how to overcome each other’s concerns, either the two countries will move toward the mutual relations. So here comes back to Thucydides Trap. But Professor Graham Allison insists that Thucydides trap is not written in the fate to trap. He says that his book is not about fate about diplomacy.


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