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In the great kingdom of Rome, slavery was in its worst shape, and Ghulam did not get human status

In the great kingdom of Rome, slavery was in its worst shape, and Ghulam did not get human status

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This is the story of the second century AD. There was a slave called “Androcles” in the great kingdom of Rome. Its master, a Roman ambassador to Rome, was administered by the Roman government. In this era, master had all the authority over the slave. Even if the master had killed his slave at any point, he would not have any objection on this crime, because his actions did not count on any crime. In this period, slavery was in its worst shape and slave did not get human status. Stupidly, that once a person was made slave, then there was no way to get rid of slavery. Androcles’s life was enriched in this environment and he was embarrassed by the oppression of all times. He continued to think about how to save his slavery? Finally, when he had no other way to sleepso she decided to get tired and decided to escape from there, but this work was not so easy, as well as the fact that the slave could take the path to escape for freedom. That’s why they had a look at them and if a slave used to assert it, they would try to catch the slave again by using all resources. And if the slave was caught by fate, then it would have been so horrible and cruel punishments that lead to other slaves, so that they should not even take the idea of ​​escape.

Despite knowing all these things, Androcles intended to escape, because independence is desired in human beings. Androcles also thought that if he tried to succeed, he would get freedom and if he failed, then it was better to die daily than to lose his life on the same day. So one day, Androcles escaped from there and got away from the city and hid in a cave in a deserted forest. He did not know that destiny is yet to be fun with him. The cave was a bloody lion residing in the cave that he had chosen for refuge and hiding. There was a short time finding Andro Andros in the cave to hear the sound of a lion by the cave of the cave. Androcles made it easier to see when the side of the cave saw the lion coming out. Looking at the tiger, Androcles rang standing and he started screaming again. For the sake of fear, the Androcles closed their eyes, but its action was inaccessible and could not give it any benefit. Because seeing the cat, seeing the eyes like a pigeon does not hurt the problem. However, Androcles did not have any other reason to survive this situationthat’s why he started waiting for the last fate of his eyes closedwhen the lion does everything he does with pieces. When a little while passed and nothing happened, Androcles looked awake at an awkward scene, when the eyes opened fearing. The tiger was looking at him at some distance with an unhealthy lying on the ground. Seeing this scene, Androcles surprisedly surprised and began to dare to dare. When he approached, he saw that the lions had done one of the paws ahead and it had big towers. Due to this problem he was lagging and could not really do the prey. The heart of Androcles filled with sympathy and he lifted his hand without lusting the results, and removing the thorns out of the lion’s legs, he saved the lion from the torment which he had not been letting. After getting rid of the problem, the tiger saw Andros looking at Maman’s eyes. As such, friends of Androcles and Lion became friends, and both of them got comforted and lived in the cave. Similarly, 3 years passed. Finally, one day, Androcles decided that it has been so long that his master has forgotten it. As a result of this thought, he decided to go out of the woods to the city. By reaching the city, he just walked in the market, how the drunken person suspicious of a soldier’s patrol patrolled in the market. When the soldiers asked him for his identity, Androcles got frustrated and stood there. Now soldiers were convinced that he is a criminal. The soldiers pursued him and caught him. When caught, when the search was taken, the seal slaughtered on his back spread all the secrets and it was discovered that he was a fake slave. Soldiers rescued him, where he was sentenced to death. One of the ways to execute the punishment of the perpetrators in this era was that they were put in front of the hungry lions. And in the presence of a number of spectators, the tiger was captivated by captivity and harassed him. On one hand, while Androcles was counting on the days of his life, the King’s hunter on the other side was entrusted in the forest and ambushed a new lion. Finally, they came to their forehead and stirred into a tireless tiger. The lions were brought to the city and nothing was given to it till 3 days. Three days later, the king’s order was announced throughout the city to announce the execution of the death sentence of the death sentence. The exact day was available to see the humanity soup view in the entire space stadium. The soldier pulled the Androcles off the prison and brought the ground-shaped section between the stadiums and then opened the tiger cage on one side. Hungry sparks jumped out of the cage with a wrathful shade and rolled towards the lakes and the ninth Androcles. But then everyone saw a strange scene. As soon the lion reached the Androcles, he kept stuck and started crying around and smiling him. The spectacular snake was shattered, and the king was watching a lion sitting in his feet with great surprise. Indeed it was the same lion from which Androcles pulled out. Hearing this human story, the master of King and Androcles were greatly impressed and released with the release of Androcles, freedom of slavery was also offered. This story is not a funny story.

The mention of this episode is the famous Greek editor of the first century CE in his book Wonders of Egypt, which was a witness of the event. This book is now disqualified, but a Latin ancestor of the second century CE (Avlvs Gellivs) survived it by describing the book of Apion in his book. (Avlvs Gellivs) was born in Rome and grew here and then studied in Athens. This story of Androcles later came in a glandia and tiger in the sixteenth century CE and the Yvain, the Knight of the Lion. This story was so popular that during the period it also came from different names. Even in 1912, the famous English dramatist George Bernarda made a modeling role on Androcles by writing a play on Androcles and the Lion. After the cinemas and television adventures, many TV shows and movies are also available on this story. The latest example is the Gladiator, a popular film made in 2000.

The fact is that the ancient Greeks were punished before throwing the birds into punishment for punishment. The people of this cruel and serious way of being treated as a means of entertainment, and near him, he had a bloody game status called “Bestiarii”. History is silent about the original purpose of punishing this method, but it certainly tellsinitially, there would probably be a religious ritual offering, which later changed into legal punishment. Especially in those areas of the world where lions and other birds were naturally found. And they were considered religiously sacred. As part of the continent of Asia and Africa. The Egyptian Deva Mala believed in the devil’s conceptual role (Ammit) that he swallows the souls of sinful people. According to the Egyptian’s imagination, Ammit used to be a human being, which walked on the four hand feet like Ben Mans. There is also another role in the Egyptian Deva Mala, which is considered to be the goddess of the sun goddess, fire and war. According to his belief Sekhmet, when breathing, the extent of the desert comes into existence. This goddess has a lioness in the Egyptian deity, and according to her belief she swallowed almost all human populations immediately after her birth. History has also found evidence that living and dead humans in ancient Egypt and Libya were also used as lions and fishes.

A similar incident of the era of Alexander’s era is found in the history that when a fellow of his Lysimachvs raised a protest against the death sentence of a person during the war in Central Asia. So Alexander threw him in front of the hungry lion, in the same way 250 years ago, after the death of Mercenary, General (Hamilcar) thrown the war prisoners ahead of the birds. (Pitibal), who caught in Punic, Wars, forced him to stand before elephants. The lion was found very rarely in the Roman area and in the seventh century CE (Numa Pompilivs) was banned because of human sacrifices. It is believed that in this period throwing humans in front of the birds was performed rather than a religious ritual as a game spectacle. These lions included leopards, beans and beans besides liones. Two commanders responsible for releasing the prisoners in the ancient Rome are sent to the prisoners in front of the birds. Lucivs Aemilius who used to defeat Macedonia in 186 BCand second son, Secu Emily, who conquered Africa’s famous city (Carthage) in 146 BC. This story was brought from the Roman Carthage and initially was given to the treasures and the villagers so that the people would have a lesson. The results of the implementation of this sentence proved to be so useful that gradually this method went on gaining popularity and thus it was also penalized on other serious crimes. The criminals are tied with either pillars and they are left to be cast on them or put them in front of the animals. The lion was brought to Rome from other countries to execute this sentence. Apart from the bear, the Western Europe region (Gaul) was transmitted from Germany to Germany and even from North Africa. Some historians believe that due to the import of these animals largely damaged the wildlife in North Africa. The strangers who were eating food were also deprived of their civil rights. For example, they could not write their blessings. And their property was also confiscated. Yes, the employers did not have permission to convince their slaves or employees to punish this without a judicial decision. Similarly, soldiers and their children (except the carriers or the villagers) were also entitled to this punishment. Finally, in 681 the sentence was banned in Rome. After the end of the sentence, only one example of this in the Bactaniean Empire in 1022 is in history, when many military jails were arrested in connection with the conspiracy of the Basil II against a plot. And their properties were seized and these royal shawls were thrown to the hunger lions. Those who supported the journals or the second example, during the fifteenth century, the period covered on the fifteenth century, which is known as Middle Age or Module Age in Europe’s history. When the bishop of Saare-Laane was punished. This event was presented in the present Essentonella’s Bishop Castle.


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