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Mention a few ridiculous laws based on gender discrimination. Photos: File

Mention a few ridiculous laws based on gender discrimination. Photos: File

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Western nations today are called progressive, conscious and civilized. Different western societies consider human rights educators, advocates for gender equality, and advocates for justice and superiority to all forms of prejudice. But even a century and a few decades ago, the situation was quite the opposite. Speaking of the United States, today the champion of human rights and knowledge of equality around the world was burning in the fire of racism and prejudice. In American society, male rulers and women were powerless. It faced the worst forms of oppression and exploitation in every sector of the society, from home to society. Today, the United States is the center of human rights protection organizations and their offices are established here.

Looking at history, there were laws in some states related to women in the United Statesthose who not only negate its basic rights and are a form of oppression but also ridiculous. Here we are referring to some of the laws that will show the status and position of women in America and what their rights are. In America, women face various restrictions and restrictions on home and social life. Different laws were enacted to keep them submissive and submissive to men, which was a violation. In a California city, the woman’s secretary was forced by the legislature not to go to her boss’s room in isolation. According to a state law, the patient could not be sedated until treatment unless there is a third person other than the physician and the patient in the room.

The example of cruelty and apathy is exemplified by a law in St. Louis that said it was a crime to expel a woman wearing a nightclub in the event of a fire. There were strange laws and restrictions on women in different cities of the United States. In Michigan, a woman’s hair was declared her husband’s property, while a state law said that she could not open her husband’s post without her permission. Similarly, a woman was required to have her husband’s written permit to apply artificial teeth.

In any civilized society in the world, it is considered impossible for women to raise their hands, but there was a time when today’s decent and lawful society did not consider it bad. Women were subjected to beatings as a punishment for violating any rules, restrictions or committing acts without men’s permission. For nearly a century or a few decades, local laws of many US states and cities permitted men to do so.

According to the local administration in Jesper, Alabama, the husband was unable to hold a husband who beat his wife with a stick. As a rule, he was allowed to beat his wife with a stick, but the condition was imposed that the rod was not thicker than a normal human thumb. Under a law in the United States, a Arkansas man could beat his wife to punish her and forbid her from doing anything, but this was allowed only once a month. More often than not, the beating of a wife was the equivalent of crossing or abusing authority. Today’s US state of California is very different. You must have heard of the great citizenship of his hometown of Los Angeles.

According to a law there, the husband could use his pants belt for beating his wife which should not be more than two inches wide. An interesting but funny thing is that under the same law, a husband can beat his wife by more than two inches wide if it is necessary. But make sure that the wife does not object to it.

In the current era where the emphasis is now on developing and implementing laws on the rights of women in developing countries, there, women also have the freedom to live their lives according to their moods, habits and preferences. But until a few decades ago, the situation was different. Calling itself the champion of human rights, gender equality and equality, the United States did not even allow women to wear the will and choice of women. In many US states, laws on women’s inequality and repression were enforced.

If you look at the old law document, you will find that in a city in North Carolina, women wear at least 16 yards of cloth. Similarly, a city in the state of Arizona had a law that women could not wear pants. The use of certain colors of women was also prohibited in the United States. That is, under the state law of St. Croix, a large town in Wisconsin, women cannot wear red clothing, hats or shoes in public places.

Wearing a hat or hat in a state city of Sako was a violation of the law that could have caught anyone’s attention. Wearing tight clothing was considered a crime under New York law, while women wearing shiny shoes were prohibited in the Cleveland area of ​​Ohio.


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