From Earth to Mars (The Martian)

According to NASA, in 2043, man will step on Mars. Based on this point, American novelist Andy Weir made the novel The Martin which shows the time of 2035.

According to NASA, in 2043, man will step on Mars. Based on this point, American novelist Andy Weir made the novel The Martin which shows the time of 2035.

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In humans on earth, the curiosity of knowing other planets have always been, that is why in 1969, man made the first move to the moon. According to the poet Allama Iqbal, the authenticity of the stars is beyond now man has a keen desire to go to other planets after the moon. According to the US space agency NASA, man will be on Mars in 2043. Based on this point, American novelist Andy Weir wrote the novel The Martian, which depicts the time of 2035. The title of the novel refers to a man or a resident of Mars who lived alone on this lonely planet day and night. After the publication of the novel, which gained huge popularity worldwide, the scene of the novelist’s life changed. This is the first regular American novel by Andy Weir, before he wrote short and long stories on his personal website, he continued to write various literary and non-literary writings, but his literary journey began with this novel. He was previously associated with several leading software companies as a computer programmer. Born in the US state of California, the novelist first divorced her parents at the age of 8, when the parents separated. His father was concerned with physics while his mother was from electrical engineering, while he himself was interested in computer and science fiction, these hobbies played an important role in his life.

Andy Weir started writing literary life on his personal website and began to achieve successes, writing blogs on the web, writing short and long stories, writing cartoon stories with a friend, even created a game, then an idea was circulating in his mind that he wanted to write a detailed novel, since he was accustomed to reading science fiction from childhood, he was not constrained by writing his first novel in the context of science fiction, but the scientific principles he used in the novel, according to critics, were mostly correct.

The main idea of ​​the novel is that some of the astronauts of NASA travel from Earth to Mars on a routine mission. After landing on Mars, they are working to achieve scientific goals in their space center in the meantime, they are informed that a very severe storm is approaching, so get out of it as soon as possible. During that time, the storm also comes to their head. In the chaos of leaving, an astronaut, named Mark Watney, falls prey to an accident and is separated from his fellow astronauts,

Thus his other companions leave Mars to return to Earth, deeming him dead. The dramatic turn comes in this situation, when it is discovered that the astronaut killed on Mars is alive. Now the astronaut, who has degrees in botany and engineering, is trying to save his life on this dead planet. At Mars’ spacecraft, the baby begins to extend his life with the help of leftover goods, food, equipment and other items in the meantime, he tries to rescue and restore his connection to the earth, thanks to hard work and a present-day mentality, he begins to achieve success, on the other hand, the US space agency on Earth and its other companions in space struggle together to bring it back. Despite years of needing to bring humans back from a planet hundreds of millions of miles from Earth, the US space agency thinks, there is a solution that can be brought back to the man trapped on Mars, who has become an accidental resident there. Russian Space Agency is also assisted in this regard (Chinese Space Agency is shown in the film). Thus, after a desperate attempt, he manages to return the astronauts back to their home land.

Popular Novel: The Martian

In 2015 the novel was made on the same name. From the story of the novel to the story of the film, everything was fiction, but there were also several changes made during the making of the film, as per this novel, astronaut is PhD certified, while in the film he is shown to have two different degrees, similarly, in the novel, American scientists seek the help of Russian space scientists to bring astronauts from Mars, while the film depicts the Chinese Space Center and Chinese scientists as helpful. The film is made in partnership with the United States and the United Kingdom. The film’s director is Ridley Scott, to whose credit there are three other films to which he has received an Oscar Award. The films include Thelma & Louise, Gladiator and Black Hook Contest.

The film was produced by leading American filmmakers such as 20th Century Fox, but also shared by the UK. With the support of five producers, the film reached its final stage. The screenplay of the movie was written by Godard, while the main character was played by Matt Damon, who is a Hollywood actress. The two countries chose to close the film, in which much of the studio’s work was done in Hungary, about 20 sets were set, which filmed different scenes of the film, while the actual location, where the areas of Mars were shown, for this, the Valley of Rome was chosen in the Arab country of Jordan. The film was nominated in 88 categories for the 88th Oscar Awards, out of which two won the Oscar Award in two fields, Best Film and Best Screenplay.

Yet for those interested in Mars and science fiction, there is a lot in this novel and movie, western critics have suggested that you read the novel first, and then watch the film made on it, and your enjoyment will be doubled. So far, both the Mars movie and the novels written on Mars have been termed the best. If you want to read this novel or watch a movie, be sure to watch. Its story will make you feel so lost in your story that it won’t make sense in time and the story will end. That’s the fascination of any story.


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