Colombian beauty of Miss Universe title

Paulina Vega of Colombia's most beautiful Miss Universe wins award

Paulina Vega of Colombia’s most beautiful Miss Universe wins award

Miami … News Time

Paulina Vega of Colombia’s most beautiful Miss Universe won the award. 22-year-old Paulina Vega in the US city of Miami was crowned Miss Universe in a grand ceremony. He is a student of business administration at the University of Bogota. Miss beautiful those in the contest, 88 were chosen. In the final stage, the United States, Jamaica, the Netherlands and Ukraine to defeat Miss beautiful from the rest of the Universe. Since 1958, the First Lady of Colombia who received this honor. In a ceremony in the city of Miami Paulina Vega, Miss Universe beauty of Colombia was called to say he woke up with joy while the runner-up in the Miss N Nia Sanchez embraced them. It now meets Colombia’s second Miss Universe title in 8195 before Luz Marina Zuluaga from Colombia won the title of Miss Universe. After wearing the crown of Miss Universe Short told the whole world that Colombia has been a role model country, and despite all the obstacles we are still continuing their goals and global leadership in many fields are contributing. Paulina Vega at 10, won with a score of 9.9 in the history of the competition so far has delivered the highest score. Paulina Vega says about this that I’m glad I did titles. Gayun silver in color was worn. Nia Sanchez defeated in the United States. Supporters of his success in Colombia have been named. We pride ourselves on occasion, plus 47 million Colombianes my head was too proud. I had hopes of many people. I went through all the stages of this title in many people’s expectations and wishes were with me. It is a matter of national pride for me to win. It was more important for me than the World Cup. He is the purpose of Miss beautiful. I went through many difficult stages and the final decision was reached, but also winner. I am very strong because it was determined that I would PBA wins this competition. I have the pleasure of winning the title. My family and my friends were telling me that I definitely win outside the title because it was too much confidence in me. I never hesitated to walk on the ramp. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said about Paulina Vega, we are happy to win this title. Colombia has established a new precedent. The ten judges at the 63rd Miss Universe pageant to select a baby. In comparison, Australia, India, Jamaica, Philippines, United States Miss beautiful were among 15 finalists.


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