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The word Australian is derived from Latin

The word Australian is derived from Latin

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The word is derived from the Latin language, which means the southern region. It is the smallest continent of the world, some of which are also located in the Pacific Ocean and the Hind Ocean. Indonesia, East Timor and New Zealand are the neighbors of this land. In 1901 the Governments of 6 regions decided to get together and thus the rich United Australia came into existence. Here is a free democratic system, under which people of these six areas are recognized in the world by the same name. Australian population consistently consists of 22,812,531 people. It is a multi-national state in which many tribes of the population live for centuries. These lands contain mostly semi-deserted areas; there are also farms of widespread farms. The civilization of this region is under the influence of the United States since the mid-20th century. This century, the region settled in Southeast Asia by fishermen. These were primarily hunter people. Dutch and British tourists also read here in the later days, and some also tried to call their own here.

On January 26, 1788, Britain declared Britain as its regular colony. Since the Second World War, Australia and Britain’s relations began to weaken and thus, Australia was forced to come under the roof of the United States for its defense. Since the Second World War, Australia opened its country’s doors to Europe. After the 1970s, Australia also welcomed the people of Europe as well as residents of Basan Asia and other parts of the world. The result was that Australia’s empire became a symbol of civilizations, religions, and people of different colors.

After the approval of the Australian Act 1986, there were no constitutional links to Britain and the British government has almost begun to step into the Australian states. Australia is actually a constitutional republic containing federal distribution options. Here is a parliamentary system. Queen Elizabeth II is the ruler of the constitution here. The center is available as governor general and representatives of governors queen in the states. Although Australia’s General General has the options but this is only the extent to advising Prime Minister Australia’s official religion. School education is essential throughout Australia, which is 6 to 16 years of age. Due to that, literacy rate has reached 99%. There are 38 official universities and many universities run under private institutions are also established while the government here provides financial and public support to all public and private universities so that education can not be stopped.

The government spends 4.5 percent of its basic income on education. There are 92% of white-race people and 7% of Asian people are settled, 1% and others are also found. 66 percent of Christianity, 1.9% Buddhist religion and 1.5 percent of Muslims are settled. There are 461 airports which show the prosperity of this state. The forces here are known as the Australian Defense Force, while only 2.4 percent of the total domestic revenue is spent on defense.

The arrival of Islam in Australia is found in the 17th century when relations between Indonesian Muslim traders started increasing from the people in this region. Although before this, some of the effects of Islam were reached in this area with African slaves but the date did not save them. However, in 1860, a number of Afghan refugees came here for sheltering, he married weddings here to the local people and thus a nation of Muslims started prostrating here. Maybe their first and ancient mosque built in Australia is still available in South Australia. The Australians of Australia have also established many organizations that take care of the needs of Muslims. In 1963 all organizations of the Muslim joined together and founded the Australian Federation of Islamic Societies. In 1976, there were some changes in the presence of the growing number, and this organization was given limited freedom in administrative options within every state. The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils is a representative organization of the Muslims of Australia which represents the Muslims there and abroad. Local Muslim organizations, regional Muslim organizations and central Muslim organizations are all registered in all and in them the Islamic Republic of Islamic Republic is enforced.

Australian Muslims who are part of a multi-society community of their country invite all the population that he should study Islam and try to understand this religion. Muslims here play an important role in the development of their country. Muslims have religious freedom under Australian law due to which their religious events are easily held. Every year, many pilgrims also travel to Hajj to perform Hajj from here. After the American incident of September 11, the number of problems of the Australian Muslims increased worldwide but the government there managed to control its country’s conditions very well and in January 2007 there, Minister of Education announced that centers will be opened for Islamic education in three major universities of the country. And the government allocated a risky amount for this purpose. Earlier, in December 2005 a Muslim youth was held and a conference of Muslim Umma was held in 2006. All these appointments were held for the promotion of interconnected harmony the Australian Federation of Islamic Societies also played a major role in the organization of Muslims. Nevertheless, turning away as circumstances, the believers take away their way like a river.


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