Second time World Champion in 20 years, making France’s person Didier Deschamps

French Football Coach Didier Deschamps

French Football Coach Didier Deschamps

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Didier Deschamps entered Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium, for the first time he was ready to answer questions as a coach of a World Champion team. However, a few moments later, he listened to a loud voice and his team’s player ‘We are Champion’ came to singing room and jumped on the coach front desk. Just what was it; Olivier Giroud and more than dozen French players took their coach with bubbles, cola, beer, and whatever came in hand. Didier Deschamps, with the translator, said that it is the third opportunity for a few hours that I have changed my clothes and once again my body and clothes are being smell.

France team loses Croatia to win World Champion 20 years later but many people know that the same person was the main character of the two personalities after becoming France’s Champion  and they are none else but Didier Deschamps. The 49-year-old Didier Deschamps has become the only third player in the history of football who won the title of the World Cup as a player and then manager.

Before that, Mario Zagallo of Brazil won the World Cup as a player in 1958 and 1962, and then became a champion in Brazil as a manager in 1970. Along with this, Franz Beckenbauer of West Germany won the World Cup as a 1974 player and then in 1990 when West Germany became Champion, he was the team manager. However, in this list, Didier Deschamps’s position is possible in 1998 when he became a World Champion; he was captain of his team. And now he has also done this as a manager.

Former defense medfilier Didier Deschamps is counted in a few football players in the history of football, who almost named every big trophy in their career. “I have won this beautiful moment as a player 20 years ago,” he said and I’m feeling very happy at the second time in my career again. After the match, the French players lifted their coach on the shoulders and bounced them in the air. Didier Deschamps was a defense midfielder who served from 1985 to 2001 for the world’s famous club Juventus, Nantes, Marseille, Bordeaux, Chelsea, and Valencia. During his career, he won the Euro Cup for the World Cup as well as France while he was also a member of the Champions League winning squad in 1996.

The French team was also considered one of the favorites in the 2014 World Cup but Germany defeated them in the quarter-finals, and then won the honor of becoming the World Champions. However France got a big blow after 2 years when Portugal lost the 0-1 to Europe under Champions after a thrilling competition in the Euro Cup finals. Didier Deschamps coached Monaco, Juventus and Marseille, after which he was handed over to France for coaching in 2012. After France’s failure in the 2014 World Cup, he was asked to remove the post and then after the Euro Cup defeat of 2016, such demands came but the French Ministry of Sports and the Football Federation kept their trust in the form of the Sammar team’s form of becoming World Champions. It was very painful to be extremely close to becoming European Champions 2 years ago, but maybe if we became European Champions, maybe today we could not become the World Champion because I had a chance to learn a lot from this final.

He learned a few important changes in the team, while learning from the Euro Euro 2016 defeat experience, the team preferred the rest of the team to change the daily routines, and the same thing worked. He pointed out to his team with the stars, saying, “We get these flashing stars on which I am very proud.” And with full humility I am very proud of myself.


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