Our obsession snatch soccer from Spain’s rule: Brazilian coach

Brazilian coach Phillip Lewis askulry

Brazilian coach Phillip Lewis askulry

Brazil — News Time

In 2013, international teams the World Champions Spain Football World Ranking Rule snatch failed, but in 2014 the Brazilian national football team of Spain prevailed to finish anxious’s. Brazilian football federation established throughout the country 390 Football Academies fromplayers fielded Spain as powerful team in the finals by defeating sobering made ​​. These players this year the Brazilian team has brought life. , 2013 in early Brazilian team ranked eighteen ranked, although end of the year before players Brazil seventh position has brought. Brazil revived the role of former Brazilian football player, Luiz Felipe Scolari is , the 2002 World Cup in Brazil for the fifth time world title in handy for the kradr played . Their Confederation Cup winning Brazilian team, including coaching the team was able to defeat. Brazilian sports magazine ” Sports Rio ” director of the Brazilian Football Federation to coach askulry 23 -member squad for the World Cup More players have started to prepare for the trials , which surprisingly ftbalrz the two clubs have agreed to trials . , which is being phased trials . Brazilian football federation has already created 23 -member team has exceptional skills, but players will be given priority in the upcoming World Cup. Monitoring the trials they are askulry coach Phillip Lewis, ryudy Janeiro stadium every day performance reviews are eighteen footbaalers. Brazilian football coach says I think this time we have the best chance to win a sixth World Cup. Wish the team during the World Cup, are unbeaten, as well as first place in global rankings you can retrieve. , he said the team is young ftbalrz in vigorous energy. Doing this time the team will appear. , this time from Spain to snatch the rule of football is our passion, because for Brazil Home Ground at the global event, winning is important. Meanwhile FIFA 2013 final rankings have released. Global champions Spain fifteen hundred seven points since the FIFA rankings top puzsyn retention is successful. SPAN team six months to occupy the number one position on the Spain team which has been off the air too. Fifa ranking position in the top ten teams were reshuffled. , Germany and Argentina, eighteen hundred and thirteen, twelve hundred fifty one points with the second and third. Colombia fourth, fifth and Euro guyy Portugal holiday puzsyn bad times. Remaining four teams in the top ten, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Brazil, respectively, from the seventh to tenth exist. December 2012 to December 2013 concerning the month’s best performance of Ukraine was the period of nine matches won, two draws and only one lost. Ukraine team three hundred and twelve points with a 29 Th place to 18 Moore placed growth and it has been off the air. Philippine six- level development has reached number one hundred and twenty-seven. Guam eight status of the development team and is No. 161 in world rankings Got. Launched the FIFA World Cup will be in Brazil on 12 June 2014.


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