Fifia World Cup 2018: France beat Belgium to reach final

France beat Belgium to reach final

France beat Belgium to reach final

Moscow … News Time

Due to the spectacular and decisive goal of Samuel Umtiti, France defeated Belgium to win the final of the World Cup Football Tournament. The first half was unchanged. In the 51st minute, Samuel Umtiti scored his head by turning beautifully by header on Corner’s hit. The match between the two teams was extremely sensational, in which the players took several fights, the Belgium made all possible efforts to conquer and push the opponents. Belgium 3 and France had 2 yellow cards. The match played at St. Petersburg’s Krestovsky Stadium was the beginning of the series. The French team had won the World Cup Soccer title in 1998. In the final of the World Cup 2018, it will be the second semifinal winner from the England or Croatia team. The second semifinal will be played at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium on Wednesday. Belgium won the semi-finals of the World Cup Football Tournament since 1986. The match was very thrilling. In the first half, both the teams took a break on each other but did not get success. The ball occupied most of the ball in this half. In this Half, the French players put 2 hots on target, while a Belgium player hit the target, which was targeted by Goalkeep. The second half of the French players kept playing on the game and 5 minutes later, on the corner of the corner, Samuel Umtiti scored a 0-1 lead to his team by scoring beautifully by the header. After 4 minutes, French players scored 2 steadily on the Belgium goal by making excellent motives. Belgium defense forces failed to make these attacks. The Belgium players did everything possible to return to the match, but the French goalkeeper failed his efforts in a beautiful way.


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