FIFA World Cup: Croatia reaches World Cup final for the first time, beats England

Croatia reaches World Cup final for the first time, beats England

Croatia reaches World Cup final for the first time, beats England

Moscow … News Time

In the 109th minute after the nervous torture, Croatia defeated England by 2-1 to win the first round of the World Cup football tournament in the final round of Mario Mandzukic. It will be from France on Sunday. The final will be played in Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium. The third position of the match will be on Saturday in St Petersburg’s Krestovsky Football Stadium, between Belgium and England.

Croatia’s team had already reached the World Cup semifinal in 1998. The game got 1-1 round for a fixed time. A 30-minute extra-time was given to make the match a result. After 28 years England won the title of the World Cup Football semifinal but Croatia mixed the hopes to reach his finals. Luzhniki Stadium has been extremely thrilling among the second semi-finals between England and Croatia in Moscow. The England team was Haji on the start of the match, and in the fifth minute the Croatian player dropped England on top de on top de on which England got a free hit on Top D, Kevin Trippier scored a ball with a net hit by putting the ball in the net corner and added his team a 0-1 lead. In the 10th minute, the first corners of the match match the Croatian team, but it failed by England’s defenders. In the first half, the England squad was on Croatia. Croatia 5 and England get 3 corners.

In the 68th minute of the second half, Croatia’s Ivan Perisic made a beautiful goal to match the match 1-1. After that, the Croatian team’s performance was very aggressive and he did a lot of attacks on England’s goal, but could not go unfortunately round. The match got 1-1 round for the scheduled time, and in the 19th minute of the extra time, Croatia’s Mario Mandzukic scored a magnificent round of goal by giving his team a 2-1 victory.


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