Fifa council members demand an investigation on corruption the World Cup againstin hosting Qatar

Question marks on corruption on host Qatar's FIFA World Cup 2022

Question marks on corruption on host Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022

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A number of members of the Council of Football’s World Federation Association (FIFA) World Cup against Qatar wants to investigate allegations of using corruption to acquire 2020 hosts and to the organization’s Code of Conduct Committee, he said that he should test the evidence of secret campaign against other countries in Qatar’s Qatar tournament. FIFA’s Council does not have the official authority to investigate the claims against the Qatar. However, with this new advancement, anger and anger in FIFA have increased further, when he is trying to improve his identity.

The British newspaper The Sunday Times published a detailed report on the exploitation of corruption in the FIFA Qatar Diet World Cup hosting process. The British newspaper then wrote that he has contacted several members of the FIFA Administrative Council. And they say the organization’s code of conduct should investigate the claims of newspaper. Damian Collins, senior member of the British Parliament and head of the media, culture and sports committee committee Qatar has demanded proper investigation of efforts for hosting 2022. The report was reported that Qatar hosted the World Cup hostages to pay firms and people heavily to drive propaganda against other countries. Damian Collins talked to Sky News, saying that if these charges are correct so it would be a very serious matter. Qatar donated people to campaign against their right and other countries, it also included former US CIA agent, former CIA agent.

Former chairman of the UK Football Association Lord Triesman also emphasized on FIFA to make full investigation of the evidence. And then, if this is confirmed that Qatar had violated the FIFA rules then it should not be allowed to host and hold the World Cup Tour minutes. Lord Triesman was the chairman of the committee set to host the UK World Cup. He says that if the charges against Qatar prove to be correct, then FIFA should consider moving the host to Britain and it will not be such a wrong case. We have full potential to hold football tour minutes.


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