Foreign trade volume exceeds $ 72 billion in 10 months of last year despite anti-US economic and trade sanctions

Iran’s foreign trade volume exceeds $ 72 billion, Iran, US tensions, oil prices rise         

Tehran … News Time Iranian Customs Managing Director Mir Ashrafi said foreign trade volume exceeded $ 72 billion in the last 10 months of last year, despite anti-US economic ... Continue Reading →
The Avangard missile is capable of flying at speeds of up to 33 thousand kilometers per hour

The world’s most dangerous missile, Russia’s New Dangerous Weapons

News Time In early January, riots broke out across the world due to missiles. On January 3, the United States fired a missile and killed the Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani. Then, ... Continue Reading →
US, China ready to sign a deal after a tough fight to stop the trade war

U.S and China are ready for the first phase of a trade agreement

Washington … News Time The United States and China are ready to sign an agreement after a tough fight to stop the trade war; it is beginning a period of trial of reconciliation ... Continue Reading →
Japan's Ministry of Defense will draft a draft parliamentary meeting for the establishment of a space unit

Japan parliamentary will introduce legal amendments to the establishment of a new space unit

Tokyo … News Time Japan Ministry of Defense will present a draft at the recent parliament session for the establishment of a space unit. In April this year, the ministry will ... Continue Reading →
Now the world is changing

Changing conditions in the world

News Time Is the World’s Biggest Military Alliance Splitting NATO? This military agreement was signed years ago but is now suffering from internal crisis seven decades later, ... Continue Reading →
Saeb Erekat, the head of Palestinian administration negotiations

If Trump presents a peace deal, so withdraw from the Oslo peace agreement: Palestinians threaten

Ramallah … News Time Palestinian officials have threatened that if US President Donald Trump announces a Middle East peace plan, he will withdraw from the key clauses of the ... Continue Reading →
Britain became part of the European Union in 1973

UK’s decades-long alliance with the EU will reach its end

London … News Time At 11pm on the last date of this month, Britain’s decades-long alliance with the European Union will reach its end. According to the news agency AFP, ... Continue Reading →
White House lawyer Pat Cipollone

President Trump did nothing wrong: White House lawyers defense arguments in Senate

Washington … News Time White House lawyers in the US Senate have launched their defense arguments in an impeachment trial against President Donald Trump. In the US Senate, President ... Continue Reading →
With the implementation of the citizenship law, protests erupted in India, with old hostilities being refreshed.

EU lawmakers draft resolution against India’s anti-Muslim citizenship law

Brussels … News Time In the European Union, a historic draft resolution against India’s anti-Muslim law has been drafted. More than 150 European lawmakers drafted a resolution ... Continue Reading →
Israeli citizens will be able to visit Saudi Arabia for 90 days

Israel officially gave its citizens the permission to travel to Saudi Arabia for the first time

Jerusalem … News Time Jimmy Snow has been melting down with each passing day over relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, and Israel officially gave its citizens permission ... Continue Reading →