One-year delay in holding Tokyo Olympics could cause huge losses of $ 6 billion

Tokyo Olympics postponed: Japan fears $6 billion in economic losses

Tokyo … News Time Host nation Japan is reportedly facing huge losses of $ 6 billion due to the postponement of the Olympics 2020 due to the devastation of the Coronavirus. Japan ... Continue Reading →
US and China's war of words over the coronavirus

What will be the result of the US and China’s war of words over the coronavirus?

London … News Time Beijing has been furious with US President Donald Trump repeatedly calling the Coronavirus a “Chinese virus” and offensive Foreign Secretary Mike ... Continue Reading →
The leader did not attend the meeting but joined via video conference.

G 20 will give $ 5 trillion to support the global economy

Riyadh … News Time Leaders attending the G20 summit of the world’s richest 20 countries, says that they will add more than $ 5 trillion to the global economy to counter ... Continue Reading →
US officials say that the number of new blacklisted companies and individuals is 20

US has increased more sanctions against Iran

Washington … News Time The US government has blacklisted several Iranian figures and companies operating in Tehran and Baghdad on terrorism charges. US officials say that the ... Continue Reading →
The Afghan government and the Taliban have agreed to begin the release of prisoners beginning March 31

Afghan government and Taliban agree to release prisoners

Washington … News Time Special Representative for Afghan Reconciliation Process Zalmay Khalilzad has reported that the Afghan government and the Taliban have agreed to begin ... Continue Reading →
Baghdad is given a month-long deadline to end trade ties with Tehran

The last relaxation of US sanctions imposed by Iran on Iraq

Washington … News Time The United States has extended Iraq’s last 30 days to ease sanctions imposed on Baghdad because of its pursuit of energy and fuel with Iran. Washington ... Continue Reading →
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange denied bail

London … News Time WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange failed to get bail released after US intelligence documents surfaced. In London, a female judge rejected her plea and said ... Continue Reading →
The dollar rose to Rs 166.15

The dollar rose to Rs 166.15, Gold one lakh rupees per tola

Karachi…. News Time Foreign investors have begun to withdraw their money from Pakistan due to a 1.5% reduction in interest rates by the government of Pakistan. This led to a ... Continue Reading →
The number of people affected by Corona in the United States has become the highest in the world

Coronavirus-infected countries 199, 24087 deaths, Worldwide, the number of affected people is 53222

News Time Worldwide fears of the Coronavirus, 24087 people have been killed in 199 countries, the global outbreak has engulfed 532224 people, while the number of cured people is 124326, ... Continue Reading →
Australian resident Brenton Tarrant confesses to all charges against him

Christchurch tragedy: Brenton Tarrant pleads guilty to all charges

Christchurch … News Time Australian resident Brenton Tarrant, who opened fire at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, last year, admitted all the charges against him. The shocking ... Continue Reading →