Year 2018: Donald Trump’s press attacks on International Media

American President Donald Trump

American President Donald Trump

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Throughout the year 2018, the American President continued to fight a verbal war, there has also been no use in spoiling relations with other countries of the world. Take a look at some important events. Like last year, in 2018, the American media was also the chair of the American President Donald Trump. Overall the 44 official officials of Tripura administration were ousted or stopped by trumpet behavior. It includes White House Chief of Staff, several Deputy Chiefs, Senior Advisors and National Security Advisors.

Starting the year, the US president announced Pakistan to stop the money in favor of the Coalition Support Fund, next day, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un threatened the US nuclear weapons button is bigger and powerful than the North Korea button. On the same day, Palestinians also threatened that aid would be stopped if they were not willing to negotiate with Israel. On January 12, Wall Street General reported that Trap’s lawyer Michael Cohen paid $ 130000 to keep an actor quiet. Which was about to press a press conference with a trumpet, this scandal is not leaving the trumpet yet. A trip to the White House on January 20 was completed, as well as the US government got shot down. But the government bill could not be passed by the Senate for issuing money in public interest. On March 8, Trump announced to imitate iron and aluminum imports from many countries including China and Turkey which led to the beginning of a commercial war with China, Russia, Europe, Canada and other countries. On that same day, the President of America met North Korean President Kim Jung Un.

On March 13, Trump graduates his Foreign Minister Rex W. Tillerson former CIA director Mike Pompeo appointed New Foreign Minister and as well, Gina Haspel nominated CI’s first female director. On March 26, Trump ordered 60 diplomats of Russia to leave the country which traumatic and pietton’s apparently good relations started to get worse. On May 8, the US President announces the separation from the Iranian nuclear deal Iran has to re-enforce sanctions applicable before 2015. On June 12, 2018, it was also a historic day when Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met and North Korea announces acceptance of nuclear experiments. On May 14, 2018, the United States moved to Jerusalem to Embassy in Tel Aviv and regularly accepted Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, while the United Nations rejected the US resolution in 2017. On July 16, Putin and Trump met during a conference in Finland and in the joint press conference, US relations with Russia have strained the tensions of former governments. On October 9, US Ambassador Nikki Hailey announced to resign, who will leave the post at that end, will replace the Foreign Office spokesman Heather Nauert. On November 6 the Middle East elections took place in the United States, where Democrats won the majority in the House of Representatives, However, Republicans managed to maintain their majority in the Senate. In the month of November the fire in California’s wilderness destroyed destruction, due to fire, 86 people were killed and 18,000 homes burnt down.

After the assassination of Saudi journalist in Istanbul on October 2, Trum claimed to be a sign of the involvement of people involved. But on November 20, Trump supported Saudi crown prince the United States’s economic interests are associated with Saudi Arabia, the trumpet hit this critique. George HW Bush, former US President George W. Bush, died November 30, on Dec 5; National Vacation was announced worldwide in the last rites of Bush Senior.


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