World’s ‘most dangerous’ countries for 2020 revealed       

In 2020, the map of the world's most dangerous countries was released

In 2020, the map of the world’s most dangerous countries was released

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In 2020, the map of the world’s most dangerous countries was released. According to a map released by the Security Specialist International (SOS), Libya, Somalia, is the most dangerous countries, and caution should be taken when traveling to Afghanistan, Venezuela. Map of the world’s most dangerous countries is released in 2020, Mail Online reports according to which Libya and Somalia are the most dangerous countries while Nordic places are safe.

Hightest Security risk countries

Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Mali, Syria, Iraq, Yeman and Afghanistan

According to the report, Norway, Finland and Iceland are the safest countries for medical purposes, security and accidents, Sweden and Greenland are also among the safest countries. According to SOS, the countries that have medical issues include African countries: Nigeria, Gonia, Syria, Leone, Libya, South Sudan, Central African countries. Yemen and North Korea have been declared a dangerous country for security and health. According to the report, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea and Japan are among the countries where security, medical and accidents are not equal.

According to security experts, tourists and citizens traveling abroad, including political violence, terrorism and insurgency, social unrest. And travelers have been warned about the dangers of violent incidents and petty crimes. Along with the Travel Risk Map, Business Flexibility Trend Watch 2020 also found that 47% of business travelers expect to increase their travel risk in these countries next year.

Countries with the lowest travel security risk

Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Andorra


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