Why is silence on the war of Syria?

Why is silence on the war of Syria?

Why is silence on the war of Syria?

(Mohammad Irfan Chaudhary) News time

Syrian Muslims forgive me what I can not help you; my rulers do not have time to spend time in the bread of bread. That’s why the election process is still going on to look at you. For this reason, where many Muslims have died in a miserable war, make a few more martyrs there you are leaving the heart, see Kashmiri Muslims, see 70 years have been fighting, they are dying, but they do not leave patience with their hands. Kashmir is the same slogan Pakistan on their language. Syrian Muslims wait for my brother to be coming July, I hope the government will act as soon as the election the UN will ask if they take a solid step in the war against you. Actually they can not record a protest in front of the United Nations that’s where they do not turn away from helping me off Bhutto was insane who was strangely stressed during the Security Council meeting in the United Nations on the freedom of Kashmir in the United Nations. Kashmir is part of Pakistan, and later you also see what happened to it?

My today’s politicians are different, their ancestor took me away from the enemies and sacrificed them to their sacrifices that they had not sacrificed sacrifices of their subcontinent, which they had sowed Pakistan’s seed. He became a starved tree now. Now it takes fruit to eat them, then let them see you candles for you. The protest will actually be recorded, in spite of these nimble rulers; their political master has become a strong nation. You have not seen that America dropped the mother of the bombs in the country of your brothers, which led to many deaths. After dozens of injuries, the lives of the Apostles are Anil Sam (America), what do they do now, they are still living around the world contractors and whichever country you want to destroy there, and even if you do not stop them, then how does the dollar do not love you?

Forgive me that I am an integral part of the Uncle Sam (United States) instead of these conscience-makers my future generations are also dependent, but you do not worry, let me stand on my feet let me come as rulers like Omar Farooq when I again become a straw tree again, I will bear fruit and sell the fruits, and I will remove all the debt from the United States and then for you I will talk to the United States that Uncle Sam (America) will now be two tons of talks with Israel, from the house of Syrian Muslims, Russia will now understand that it is too late.

Just wait for my dear Syrian brothers to become so emotional. Do you not see your mountains are being destroyed at Palestine? And you are also aware of what happened to your brothers in Burma i is said that Uncle Sam (America) is very clever that he hides terrorists in his own area, then widespread in the countries of the Muslim world. That is the terrorist in the country that is dangerous for the whole world, by doing so; he throws a bomb in the people’s house. Then, by building construction, leaves his agent there so that he should keep you informed but I can not do anything at this time, but Israel is a little bit but its terror you see Saudi Arabia, which you consider your center, has it ever helped you in your war that is not yours? No, no, how can he get an opportunity to take a head from the saddle, then he should talk to you later, as being a big brother, only he would like to explain to you, You should also do the same as chaos in Kashmir, Palestinians, Afghanistan, Burma and Iraq and pray, let me have good rulers who can understand my ideas that can be used to use precious metals to me for my people. I have become nuclear power, but I am unhappy because of being a brave soldier just comes to a rule that all missile Uncle Sam (US) and turn to Israel, then Kashmir will be free to see, Palestinians and you too will breathe comfortably, just wait and do it.


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