Who will win Turkish presidential election?

 Experts believe that President Erdogan will already succeed in achieving 53 percent of the vote in the race

Experts believe that President Erdogan will already succeed in achieving 53 percent of the vote in the race

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Presidential and National Assembly elections are being held in Turkey on June 24, 2018. In the presidential election, Muharrem İnce of the Republican People’s Party, God Party Chairperson Meral Akşener, Justice and Development Party chairman Rajib Tayyip Erdogan, the Peoples Democratic Party-led President, Chairman Selahattin Demirtaş, Felicity Party (SP), Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu and Doğu Perinçek of the Welfare Party are taking part. In the presidential elections, two major unions have emerged in the name of unity and unity nation. Alliance comprises a well-established alliance, Justice and Development Party (AQ Party) and Nationalist Movement Party and President Erdogan is the only presidential candidate of this alliance, while the opposition’s opponent, the Republican People’s Party, the Party’s Party, the Good Party Felicity Party, separately separated, and the Democracy Party, who joined the same alliance, did not stand up. However, the unity is seen Muharrem İnce fighting President Erdogan in the nation. Outside of both of these unions, God Party and Peoples Democratic Party freely the party is also participating while the People’s Democratic Party’s co-chairman Selahattin Demirtaş is participating as a presidential candidate from the prison. Both of these parties need to cross the Thrashold threshold of 10% rate imposed by the Constitution and if you do not do this, the won seats will also get out of their hands and in the area, the next number of parties who have crossed the legal rate limit of 10 percent will be found. That is, the winning seats of the People’s Democratic Party will fall on the ground.

In previous parliamentary elections, the Republican Party and the other small groups AK, AK massively اnd especially from their voters to prevent from winning seats in the Southeast Anatolia People’s demo appealed to vote for the Party of Party (10% of which were not reporting the limit). And thus the PPP won the Parliament. This time too, all the parties appealed to their own voters to vote in the support of the People’s Democratic Party in Southeast Anatolia. So that AK Party could prevent this from getting more seats in Parliament and in the event of the appointment of the President of Erdoğan, the check and balance could be set up by the National Assembly.

Now come to the presidential election results. Turkey has been making coverage for the past 16 years and in Pakistan, by the way of Geo TV and daily war, these results have reached the Pakistani readers and viewers. Twenty times these achievements have received awards from Turkish officials, rather than offering 100% accurate results. This time President Erdogan is facing a tougher competition than his competitors especially the growing popularity of the Republican presidential candidate Muharrem İnce and due to the economic situation of the country, there may be difficulties for President Erdogan in the second round. The secular Gospel has adopted a different policy by removing the party policy from this time to get votes from religious constituencies. No interference in religious matters, not to distinguish between all the sects, do not take over the case of head scarf again, hug everyone instead, while committing to executing the Imam, Khatbab School, not to shut down has tried to vote for religious constituencies. Reading photos on Muharrem İnce posters, banners newspapers and TV channels, photos-related President Erdoğan criticized how has the memorable museum going to the mosque not yet visited the mosque during the election? Muharrem İnce has not restricted him to the mosque only during the election campaign rather than always taking 180 levels different from the Republican People’s Party, who opposed the headquartered head taking up the stage in the rallies and rallies wearing her mother and sister-in-law, trying to impress religious constituencies but President Erdogan said Muharrem İnce, criticizing a tough criticism you can not fool voters by stroke religious ruins because how can people forget the cruelty committed on religious circles during the Republican period? All the surveys have been given to President Erdogan first and Muharrem İnce in the second place. But there is still a 20% gap between them and if President Erdogan could not get more than 50% votes in the first round then on 8 July 2018, the two candidates who won the first two positions will compete and in the next round, the People’s Democratic Republic of the People’s Democratic Republic and the National Assembly will play a major role in the elections. Until then, all surveys are mentioning President Erdogan’s 45 to 48% of the vote but here they are ignoring non-countries and especially Turk-based voters in Europe although 2% 3% of people who meet President Erdoğan and the Felicity Party (SP) (in fact he is included in the opposition of Erdoğan, voted for a vote of his presidential candidate Temel Karamollaoğlu) President Erdogan can successfully cooperate with the vote by 53 percent of the vote in the race. Seeing all surveys and referring to addressing one million people in Istanbul’s Erdogan can be said Erdoğan will win successfully from 51 to 52 percent of the votes in the race.


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