Wheel Jam in Bangladesh for an indefinite period beginning

Rapid Action Battalion in Bangladesh

Rapid Action Battalion in Bangladesh


Dhaka — News Time

BNP chief and former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, the opposition party’s appeal to eighteen strikes for an indefinite period began, which resulted in Bangladesh was paralyzed. Important leaders and thousands of arrests and severe cold opponents of the pro-India Hasina government impetus were cold. Dhaka commercial centers in the country including second day off, the bus, the train service was suspended and boats. Awami League government patronage goon’s opposition activist’s attacks continue. Catalog on Monday in north district to protest at BBC Islamist leader, was killed in broad daylight shot. Anwar al-Islam was the chairman of the local municipality. Military -led Joint Rapid Action Battalion and police Inam -ul-Haq, spokesman for the force said the JI activists are fighting a knee. Government goons on Monday attacked the offices of the Supreme Court Bar. U.S. news agency in Dhaka in presence of heavy contingents of forces other on the opposition and government supporters clashed. Late Shamsher Mobin Chowdhury, Vice Chairman of BNP also been detained. Idea that the main opposition party, the Bangladesh National party BNP and its allies demand the five general elections scheduled to be held under the caretaker government, so that fraud can not be like the past.


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