What next after Netanyahu’s visit to Muscat?Oman declared to recognize Israel

Sultanate of Oman Sultan Qaboos and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Sultanate of Oman Sultan Qaboos and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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Arab peoples and the media of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shows the general reaction to Muscat how much does this region have changed since its past. The Emperor of Oman himself announced the visit. Israeli activity is no longer limited to political mail meetings, but talks have been discussed in the economy and sports in other fields. And it has been reproduced in many Arab countries. So the question arises, is it the end of the forbidden relationship with Israel? The Arab royal roots are deeper to bring the relationship with Israel to normal and it is still alive. However, now a change has shown that its position has not been the engine of engineers driving Arab governments. The first Arab governments were accustomed to bounce each other like a ball.

The Empire of Oman has done a good job that he has tried to deal with things clearly and openly. One reason for this is that Oman is not part of any of the regional conflicts. Therefore, these (Arab governments) did not turn their media towards Oman although a delegation of Ministers along with Netanyahu went to Muscat and visited it in a very pleasant atmosphere. The scenes behind this tour are still unknown. What is said about Oman’s impartiality in the conflict between Oman Israel and Palestine is not likely Egypt will be able to get rid of its mediation role in this long-term conflict. Similarly, it will also have to play role in Iranian, Israeli conflict. One of the reasons for this is that there is a trustworthy and loyal arbitrator for Oman Oriental.

Israel’s main role against Iran:

Iran is passing through its worst time at both sides. It has been targeted in Syria. US sanctions have been rehearsed, and more than one week after its oil exports and dollar delivery restrictions are being imposed more restrictions on November. During this period, a major progress has been that, in the region, Israel has increased its role in the region since the result of civil war in Syria. He calls himself a security belt. Israel has also played an important role in targeting Syria’s growing influence in Syria and he played such a role that Arab countries could not even pay. The military balance has been established in the region and Israel has become an internal role in regional security before that it was called as a toxic apple whose taste was not ready for any taste.

The balance of Israel was changing after the Israeli invasion in Syria. In addition to Turkey and Russia, much more interference in Iran’s Syrian war, Israel also got the opportunity to jump and become an important player. Especially when both the US and Turkey were unable to compete in Syria for the expansion of Iran’s expansionist ambitions and ineligible while it was clear that Iran was determined to establish an emperor with the help of its puppies. The people, who were opposed to Israeli conflict against Israel, were forced to welcome airstrikes in the Israeli Air Force. These attacks dramatically changed the situation in Syria and also helped prevent Iranian threats. Israel has invaded itself to the region of military camps and it is not possible to stop the expansion of the soldier’s expansion of the Guardian Revolution without its intervention. The Guardian Revolution had succeeded in maintaining the support of the Russian army and the political presence.

Is Iran growing its burden with Israel and trying to assure it through medium intermediates? Or it is Israel who wants to send a message to Iran and wants to believe that he has a great deal of influence on the American decision-making processes and policies. Thus, these policies have been rapidly implemented to boycott and economically promote Iranian regimes. These major changes have occurred in the region and it will not stop the activities in the case of Israeli leaders. Indeed, in a way it is the beginning of political divide on Syria, Yemen and other disputes.

On the other hand, Oman has said that he is acceptable to Israel as a Middle East; this statement came from Oman on a day after the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Washington says that this initiative will benefit the efforts of regional peace. Oman’s Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alawi said in a speech at Arab conference in Bahrain that is giving suggestions to bring Oman, Israel and Palestine even though he is not a mediator on this matter. Foreign Minister Yusuf Bin Alawi says we have to acknowledge that there is another state in the region, and we all know this very well. The entire world is aware of this fact. Yusuf bin Alawi said we are not saying that this work is very easy at all times and this is a flower stage, but our first priority is to eliminate conflict and go to a new world. Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Khalifa supported Oman’s efforts for settlement of Israeli, Palestine dispute while Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said his country believes that peace process is a key to restore relations with Israel. It is clear that Saudi Arabia and Bahrain also attended the three-day Arab conference in Manama while along with the US Defense Minister, Jim Mattis, his Italian and German counterparts were also involved while Jordan’s King Abdul II canceled the decision to attend the conference after the death of 21 people due to the flood in the Mediterranean Dead in the last phase.


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