Website helps you detect if the latest viral photo was faked

False news and fake images on the Internet spread rapidly

False news and fake images on the Internet spread rapidly

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The Internet is an easy source of news and news that has access to everyone, but most of the images are lies of lies it is difficult to recognize, but a website has made this easy task. No image image will be saved. Frequently shocking pictures are encountered during the use of social media while some pictures are surprised due to their nature and imagination and the heart says pictures are true but the brain makes them lie. If you want to get rid of this crisis of heart disease so this website can be helpful for you.

This website was created by scientist Neal Krawetz in 2012, which is the easiest use of the website. ( To find the picture’s picture, link the image or image link into the specific search bar of the website and get the result from just one click. The website algorithm immediately shows the image that is real or duplicate by converting the image into small pieces. This website works like a microscope and in the design of the image; it also reveals hidden objects that are unable to see human eyes. For this, the website uses a special method in which the image level, It also takes a considerable number of textures and surface that is impossible to see from human eyes.

In addition, this website’s analytics tool is also capable of analyzing the Meta data the website under which the website detected when the first time the photo was edited and whether the photo shop was used to adjust the image or it was admitted directly through the camera. If the image has been edited more than once, the website also has the ability to identify it.


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