We cannot take any more refugees: Turkey

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu

Ankara … News Time

Turkish Foreign Minister Maulvad Cavusoglu has said that Turkey, NATO and the EU’s borders are no longer alone. In an article for the British newspaper The Financial Times, a case in the Syrian migrants’ case of cold sores and colds equates to a black spot on human conscience, Maulvad Cavusoglu said that Turkey has always respected the European Union’s human rights and other principles, however, the stand on Greece’s refugees and the EU’s criminal silence on it will make it more difficult for us to play a role.

According to the Turkish Foreign Minister, the European Union has long been a silent spectator on extremism, foreign animosity, anti-Islam operations. “We have repeatedly appealed to other countries, such as Syria, to reshape the global system for migrants who have survived civil wars and conflicts,” he said. At the same time, they have tried to persuade the European Union to cooperate to prevent such battles and push them towards a critical period. Turkey has spent more than $ 40 billion to take care of Syrian refugees so far, while Turkish security forces stopped 455,000 people trying to travel to Europe alone last year. “If the European Union does not cooperate with us, in such a situation, the process of protecting borders cannot continue,” he said. According to the Turkish Foreign Minister, Turkey is ready to work with the European Union to resolve the issues.


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