Water reservoir and current situation in Pakistan

Regarding water issues, Pakistan is extremely dangerous

Regarding water issues, Pakistan is extremely dangerous

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Regarding water issues, Pakistan is extremely dangerous. Its major reason is not the lack of sources, but it feels like it that country’s mafia mafia is wrecked badly due to which the best water source, Pakistan has been facing difficulty. World institutions and experts have given warranty to Pakistan for water stress but the country’s mafia mafia is so powerful that they do not allow anyone to walk and supply of water resources is entering the toughest phase every year. Last year, water situation was better but Mafia played its game and on the last day of Flood Season, September 30, the water situation was over. Due to which shortage of 36% decreased and in March of March there was a great problem of water.

On August 16 last year, the Tarbela Lake was full and it collected 6.174 million acres of water while Mangla Dam also had 6.855 million acres of water available. It was imperative that specialists sitting in Arsa would pay attention and the water level in these two dams is the highest day of the Flood Season – ie, September 30 but Pakistani institutions had six games of mafia. So on September 30, Tarbela water was 3.546MAF and 4.608MAF water in Mangla. On which Arsa September 30 heard water shortage. If the water-based institutions maintain the level of Tarbela Lake with which they also had the option but they did not pay attention to it, due to which the water was dropped in the sea and was lost and on the last day of Flood Season, the news of the shortage had to be heard. The Rabi Season actually decreased by 36% due to which there was a severe decline in the production of agricultural commodities.

This situation has worsened this year. On August 28, Tarbela is full of lake water and it combines 6.047 million acres of water while the situation of Mangla Dam is very delicate. All experts from the sources of water know that inflation of water in Mangala starts from mid-February while the water flow starts in the river Indus in May. The area associated with the Mangla Command is quite high. It is not possible to supply most of its area to the Indus Command. That is why water used in Mangla Command is done with great care so that Mangla Command could be available in proportion to water. This year Arsa used to make Mangla Command water uninterrupted. Due to this, Mangla dam only has 2.956MAF water on August 28. This situation is extremely alarming for areas of Mangla Dam. It feels like they do not even have water available for the next crop in November due to which the worst year of wheat should be started preparing for the next year.

The only way to avoid the alarm bell remains to be reduced depending on the amount of Mangla Dam. And all resources should be used to maintain the level of Tarbela. The sea-looking water should be kept firmly visible so that Rabi season does not have to reduce the punishment of water shortage. National Water Policy got an opportunity to read. Total resources and total issues are covered while making policy. And then, step-by-step is planned to overcome these problems. But no such thing was seen in the National Water Policy made by the Ministry of Water Resources. The annual arrival of 140MAF is done by water sources in Pakistan while 30 to 35 million acres of water per year is lost in the ocean. Rainwater water is also a huge source of water coming through rivers. Only 0.5MAF Rainwater is collected in the district Lahore by 12-inch average. If the process is used to use this water, it can not only solve the problem of drinking water in Lahore but the surface water level can also be better. The situation in drinking water in Karachi has become very delicate. Most of the population of Karachi is forced to drink semi-water, due to which there is increasing rapidly in stomach and skin diseases. The federal capital Islamabad also increases the problem of drinking water but our rulers do not believe how to solve Pakistan’s problems.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Saqib Nisar, with great courage, heard the Kalabagh dam case for continuous heritage. The bold decisions for the improvement of water resources. The joint interest issued by the Council to form the funds for the construction of Dam Damar Bhasha and Mohmand Dam the number of people has also deposited funds. Of course, any dam will improve Pakistan’s water resources but it is also important to see which dams we need to make first for future challenges.

World institutions and experts have declared 2025 anxiety for Pakistan’s water resources while 2030 is the case of death for Pakistan’s water resources. Indian conspiracies for making Pakistan banners are also on rise, as India has started working on the construction of 12 dams on the Kabul River in collaboration with India. If we do not make Kalabagh Dam timely, the river will lose the privileges of Kabul’s water. Then a question from the opponents of Kalabagh Dam is very important to make a water policy which includes a complete planting of 100% water coming from the rivers. If experts agree that Kalabagh dam can not be made without the total amount of water available. It is important that the Kalabagh Dam should be revised in national interest on the policy of retirement.


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