Walking for an hour daily can prevent deadly diseases: Research

Walking for an hour daily can prevent deadly diseases      

Walking for an hour daily can prevent deadly diseases

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If you work all day sitting in the office, you may face many life-threatening diseases, including obesity and high blood pressure but if you add too hard to walk fast feet to one hour daily practice can get rid of all these threats. The Lancet this simple advice is given in a recent study published in the renowned medical journal. The study of more than 10 million adults in the study had been aware of the risk of sudden death due to sit for at least 8 hours a day increases by 60%.Experts say that (sedentary lifestyle) people’s health are in danger. The circumstances surrounding the death rate due to smoking is nothing less than the dangers of smoking for several hours while the stay is more than deaths from obesity. Apparently easier to follow this advice will be extremely difficult for many people for a long walk on foot is unpopular with most of us. For example, it was released on the advice of the British Institute of Public Health must walk half an hour a day for better health but very few people notice it. The Lancet report instead of walking an hour on foot stretch that has additional advice every hour during a 5-minute walk faster step to be taken at lunch time and evening to take some gentle exercise with your doctor’s advice the quota can be met throughout the day to walk and exercise. Walking instead of being driven too long cycle.


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