Volcano expert falls in a volcano, but nothing happened                 

Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua

Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua

Nicaragua … News Time

Experts studying the volcano at the top of these mountains. Yesterday there was a research specialist with volcanoes but the rope was broken down inside the volcano with his assistant  rolled and went down to 1500 feet. I know what happened after that you will believe in miracles. The Mail Online reported falling so deep inside the volcano, both survived. The extremely high temperature suffered only dehydration. This report was presented in the Central American country Nicaragua. The 60-year-old specialist volcano Argentina Rodolfo Alvarez went to his 25-year research on the brink of Masaya Volcano Guide Adriac with Valladares, Where the rope broke and fell into the volcano 1500 feet deep at both rolled. Rescue workers immediately came down from rysyun and brought them out safely. dehydration due to them being told their condition improved after the treatment was taken to hospital.


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