Vladimir Putin announced he is running for the presidential election, seeking a fourth term

Russia's President Vladimir Putin

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin

Moscow … News Time

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has announced to take part in presidential elections next year. President Putin has announced a Wednesday addressing a function at the GAZ Gorky Automobile Factory in Russian city Nizhny Novgorod. He addressed the Gorky Automobile Factory’s blue uniform folders, saying: “I could not see the better place and opportunity for this announcement.” I thank you for your support. I will fight the president’s choice. It is clear that Vladimir Putin has power over Russia since 2000. He was twice the country president from 2000 to 2008. He could not become President for the third time, so he became prime minister and he elected his close associate Dmitry Medvedev as president. Dmitry Medvedev has increased the presidential term by 6 years to amend the constitution of Russia and he was released from the presidency. Then in 2012 Vladimir Putin was elected president for the third time for 6 years. Their term will end next year. If he is elected president in 2018 and his win is sure. Then he is the President of the country until 2024, he will become a leader living in Russia’s most recent head of state after Joseph Stalen.


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