Visit to US: Expectations, hopes, gains

What did the Prime Minister's visit do to the United States? Will know when the time comes

What did the Prime Minister’s visit do to the United States? Will know when the time comes

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The first Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan, should have a preferential visit to the United States or President Ayub Khan’s visit to the United States during the Ayub era and welcome. Be it Seto, Santo’s agreement or helping the US to disband the former Soviet Union, getting non-NATO allies in the near future, getting dollars under the Coalition Support Fund, or the bad news about closing the fund. Relations between Pakistan and the United States are fluctuating with each passing day.

With the closure of the US supply route, Pakistan has stated its point of view, so Donald Trump gave a clear message of aid closure saying things were not the same again. Under these circumstances, the visit of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to the United States was of great importance in various respects. The highlight of the visit was that the military leadership was accompanied by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. In the news, the Prime Minister appears to be shadowy, but the acquaintances know that the military leadership did not go on vacation; on the contrary, they may have been engaged in important issues in the wake of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

The US is in the process of withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan. Trump’s slopes in his place, but it is not possible to deny the fact that Afghanistan, the second Vietnam for America, has begun to prove. The government is confined to Kabul. And today, it has become compulsory to sit at the table with those whom we did not see yesterday. Until now, US decision-makers have put a damper on Pakistan. And the hopes and hopes were that Imran Khan would definitely fight Pakistan’s case better. Regarding the first visit, Imran Khan’s first visit has not been so bad. Imran Khan’s tone has always been clear about not being enslaved. His direction was clear with regard to America. And the expectation was that they would take a clear approach.

On the positive aspects of Imran Khan’s visit to the United States, the United States warmly welcomed the Prime Minister. Donald Trump has surprisingly adopted a soft accent for Pakistan, and laughed at it. Talking about Pakistan, the American president laughs and laughs at the same way. However, it was good to see that not only was the accent appropriate but also did not look favorably. It is an open secret that it is not possible to deny Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan. Both can America ignore Pakistan and issue milk and honey streams in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s role is essential to resolving Afghan conflict. These are definitely positive points.

Criticism here is not intended to be, but it is intended to show both sides of the picture that it is not a wise attitude to bash long hopes for a few jokes. The US has not made Pakistan a top priority at every opportunity, so we have to be careful. The statement regarding Kashmir is welcome, but can America do anything without India’s intention or is it merely a paper statement? Pakistan’s plummet is heavy, but taking a UTR is not a difficult thing for Trump.

On the other hand, US officials have certainly not responded positively to Aafia Siddiqui. Therefore, the matter will not be open discs. Pakistan can make the release of Aafia possible in exchange for prisoners. And it can be thought of which prisoner is suitable to be exchanged. Aafia Siddiqui’s case remained in the background, which was not expected. Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan has been debated but it is uncertain whether the issues will be with India in the whole matter. India is investing in Afghanistan. How can the interests of both countries be protected by a conflict that is not hidden from anyone? It remains a question in its place.

Iran is a neighbor of Pakistan, and the manner in which the US President called Iran bad in the presence of Imran Khan, that could make Pakistan’s role in the region difficult. In the presence of the two leaders, the issue of the Chinese mobile company was discussed, with which China is directly connected and our relations with China are not covered by any. The Trump addressed Pakistan on the issue of money is a tragic aspect in his place. Aafia Siddiqui’s case, aggression in Kashmir, problems in Balochistan, terrorism in Pakistan, problems on the Afghan border, everything in the background should have come to the fore. The American president must have laughed but he really wants Pakistan’s help. Want to use it in Afghanistan or just like tissue paper? In this regard, however, we have to work patiently rather than setting long hopes.

What did you get from this trip, didn’t you? Will know when the time comes. But we have to stop ourselves from giving the tour the impression of the 60s that we are back in the US block. By doing God God we have begun celebrating our free character, so it is important to continue.


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