Video game addiction is also detrimental         

Video Game Fallout 4

Video Game Fallout 4

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I think that is about video games are for children and youth but the fact that people of all ages to enjoy the game. Some video games are manic and all the time sitting in front of the computer playing games look. Experts say they do not enjoy video games, but they are accustomed. In other words, the video games are involved with drugs and drug-like video games to meet the demand. Like drug addiction video game addiction is also detrimental, as was the case of Vladimir Chekhov. 28-year-old resident of Siberia Vladimir Chekhov. A few months ago, the famous action video game Fallout 4 brought the DVD. Vladimir Chekhov bhaya this game so much that time was that I just enjoy. For some time, the video game was touching the limits of passion preferences. Now he is enjoying his time sitting in front of computer screen. Food was not conscious of it. If the limit is that his wife was also ignored. Four wickets fall in addiction that she was suffering badly from employment began to leave. Vladimir Chekhov came to his senses constantly lost his job because of holidays and his beloved wife left him. Vladimir Chekhov realized then that video game playing is sitting in its obsession to destroy his life. But for destruction instead of blaming himself blamed the video game maker said it has sued. US Video Game Company Bethesda Fallout 4 is generated. Karsan yarsk Siberia area residents filed a petition in a local court has Fallout 4 2 months ago she bought a video game online. He was tenacious in video game addiction that his family, his wife and friends, the food was not even conscious. Three weeks he’s not out of the house in which he lost his job, and then took his wife to divorce him. Vladimir Chekhov in the application that the stance Bethesda Game Studios and their local Partnership Company Softclub that it should have warned their users can make video game playing but my addiction, but it has not been able to. Vladimir Bethesda hold responsible for the damage, as the damages sought are for 500,000 rubles. Vladimir says, I knew that this game players can create their addiction becomes so cautious. I avoided buying it, or he would enjoy the holiday. If approved by the court hearing the case, it would be the first of its kind in Russia. In addition, this case will be the example that playing video games based on their psychological effects can sue their creators. Russia is the first case in the United States has been several such cases.


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