Venezuela expelled 3 U.S. diplomats

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro

CARACAS — News Time

The Government of Venezuela 3 U.S. diplomats ordered to leave the country. U.S. did not immediately respond to that end. Cuba diplomatic bank account frozen by the U.S. recovery has suspended its diplomatic activities. President Nicolas Maduro said in his TV speech, U.S. diplomats were involved in conspiracies against the government of Venezuela., two months before it was released resulting in supervision that U.S. diplomats were trying to infiltrate the country’s universities. AP the United States had supported an opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, a Venezuelan accused of police violence, the protests resulted in the arrest was hard to resist. Resulting in the deportation orders U.S. diplomats been. Leopoldo party, the country’s two major cities on the eve of the mayoral election ruling socialist party was defeated. President Nicolas Maduro said in his televised speech Leopoldo based on this success the country fascism demonstration want to be spent. U.S. State Department official Alex Lee, head of the Organization of American States to discuss by telephone and warned that Venezuela’s opposition leader’s arrest will come very negative consequences globally.


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