US woman Astronaut Peggy Whitson the new record walk in space

US woman Astronaut Peggy Whitson

US woman Astronaut Peggy Whitson

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Thursday at The American astronauts Peggy Whitson set a new record of advanced air walk encountered an emergency situation. Something that the International Space Station with the rapid rotation of small particles in space that have been up against it to save, Peggy Whitson losing his place at the time when they are trying to open a bag. Since flying was no way to return to the covers. The space station crew has made alternative arrangements instead. Peggy Whitson advanced space walk on Thursday broke the previous record of a woman walk in space. He’d walk 53 hours of overall space in the international space station several campaigns. Peggy Whitson is 57 years old. He’d walk in space 8 times. He is the most experience and energy to maintain their operations being elderly woman astronaut from NASA. Peggy Whitson and fellow astronaut Shane Kimbrough aim walk in space International Space Station to complete the docking port for future commercial flights.


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