US will be oil delivered to the Kurds in northern Syria

The oil will be delivered to the Kurds in northern Syria

The oil will be delivered to the Kurds in northern Syria

Washington … News Time

US Department of Defense spokesman Jonathan Rath Hoffman confirmed Thursday that his country is still working with the Kurdish Democratic Forces ‘SDF’ in Syria, and that he has been linked to ISIS. Helps to fight. He is expected to emphasize human rights against any Turkish-backed organization in northeastern Syria, he said. That the US will not receive the proceeds from the oil installations in northern Syria will be given to the SDF. He added that US military commanders have the right to fight any force that threatens oil installations in northeast Syria.

 Jonathan Rath Hoffman said that the United States expects Turkey to investigate human rights violations in northeastern Syria by any of its backed organizations. Referring to the ceasefire, he emphasized that ceasefire is generally sustained in Syria. There are minor skirmishes, but both sides are on a ceasefire. A senior US State Department official said Wednesday that local authorities in northeast Syria are trying to take advantage of the oil extracted from those areas in Syria. Officials on condition of anonymity said local authorities are using the oil installations for the people there. The US does not issue any guidance in this regard. On October 29, the Pentagon announced that the United States would not allow any attempt to snatch Syria’s oil installations from its backed Kurdish forces. The US government said it would not allow the capture of ISIS, Russian-backed forces or Syrian regime supporters in oil installations in northern Syria.


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