US want to use Pakistan by letting economic assistance

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif

Karachi … News Time

US Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson will visit 5 countries from 20 to 27 October, including Pakistan. After visiting Pakistan, they will also go to India. According to sources, the US wants to use Pakistan by letting economic assistance. The purpose of a visit to Rex Tillerson is to reinforce the pressure on India to accept India’s sovereignty and to launch the Pak Army operation in Afghanistan. According to the sources, Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif has a great role in consenting the US Foreign Minister to visit Pakistan, Who has promised in America that America should indicate targets, will be taken there, but you should restore Nawaz Sharif somehow. Sources of the federal government said that the United States has once again greeded financial assistance to Pakistan and said that those Americans who have declared America as terrorist are considered to be terrorists too. According to sources, the release of the Canadian couple was in exchange for the release of a key Haqqani leader’s leader, but the Canadian couple has reached their homeland and the preparations are being made to execute the Haqqani group execution.

Regarding the visit of the US Foreign Minister to Pakistan, General (R) Mirza Aslam Bag, talking to Ummat, said that the United States wants Pakistan to conduct operations in the border areas of Afghanistan and to eliminate the Afghan Taliban. Now the US wants us to come to our competition. General Bag said that Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif has made a lot of assurances to the United States that he will amend the Constitution of Pakistan as per the wishes and wishes of Pakistan; But the US should restore Nawaz Sharif. Khawaja Asif did the first visit to Saudi Arabia. Then the Saudi authorities talked to the United States and now the Foreign Minister of America is reaching out with his terms. Americans do not want to recognize their defeat in Afghanistan, but they also want to get out of Afghanistan. Pakistan has already been supporting the United States and its allies. General (R) Bags said that in this winter the Taliban will make a major attack against Americans. So Americans want Pakistan’s army to work for them. But Pakistan should reject any such demand.

Military analyst Brigadier (R) Asif Haroon said that we have told our policy to America. The first statement in this regard was General Bajwa. The same message was conveyed by Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. US $ 20 million is not a waste of our efforts. Pakistan has lost $ 123 billion by participating in the war against terrorism with the United States. The Afghan nation also wants to negotiate. But the United States had killed four parallel talks by killing Akhtar Mansoor. The US and Afghan government is demanding Mullah Baradar from Pakistan, which Pakistan had released. His statement had severely damaged the trust between the Taliban and Pakistan. He broke Pakistan’s ties and joined ties with Russia, China and Iran. Now these countries also give shelter to them and provide them with weapons to fight against the United States. According to Brigadier (R) Asif Haroon, the latest affliction of the Taliban’s confidence with Pakistan is that the US and Afghan government did not fulfill their promise. The Taliban leader, who had to release the release of the Canadian couple, has now begun his execution. He said that Pakistan will never joint venture with the United States. But Pakistan should call drone attacks against their sovereignty in talks with the United States. Because innocent people are killed in these attacks and as a result new terrorists are born.

“We have been talking about America in every case for 70 years,” military analyst Brigadier (R) Syed Nazir said. But now, while the United States has given a formatting of strategic partnership to India as a strategic partnership, we have a golden opportunity, which we can tell America that we can not support the United States in Afghanistan. Because they have place India in Afghanistan. On the other hand, while Pakistan is open with China and China in the way of defense cooperation, then a contract to cooperate with the United States will blow up the confidence. Pakistan should adopt a strong stand on drone strikes. America can not win the war in Afghanistan, but it is known that without the help of Pakistan, it can not even get out of this war. America wants to push Pakistan into this war, but we should also understand that the way America did not achieve success in Afghanistan; we can not even succeed in entering Afghanistan. But we can definitely do that as the way Pakistan made the world’s only super power after the Afghan jihad. Now Pakistan will give the opportunity to emerge several new super powers in the world by striving for peace in Afghanistan. Peace is not established through the war in Afghanistan but the solution is the solution. This should be conveyed to the Indian External Affairs Minister in Pakistan.


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