US troops directs on North Korea to be ready: US Vice President Mike Pence

US Vice President Mike Pence and North Korea Chief Kim Jong-un

US Vice President Mike Pence and North Korea Chief Kim Jong-un

Washington … News Time

US Vice President Mike Pence said we are ready to defend our country every moment. He wanted to tell the enemy that if the US and its allies were forced to defend, they would use every option to protect themselves. Addressing the North Dakota Air Base, he said the United States would maintain its pressure to eliminate North Korea’s nuclear program. It is clear that before the US president, Donald Trump, was also threatened to completely destroy North Korea without the expulsion of nuclear weapons. On the other hand, US military chief James Mattis warned North Korea that Pyongyang should stop threatening to destroy us through nuclear weapons. General James Mattis visited a non-armed zone near the North Korea border, along with the South Korean Defense Song Young-Moo. General James Mattis said North Korea’s head Kim Jong-un saying it aggressively that Pyongyang carries bad luck with his people. He also said that South Korea is located in South Korea, which has preferred democracy for its people. James Mattis said that our goal is to make a complete and non-refund non-Nuclear region to the island of Korea.


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