US to invite China to trade talks again

US  Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow

US Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow

Washington … News Time

The United States has said that it wants to resolve matters for dialogue rather than increase tensions on the trade front with China. The White House also invited the Chinese delegation to visit the United States in September to hold talks. It should be noted that a few days ago, the United States declared China a currency-changing country after which tensions between the two world economic powers increased. Global markets have been under severe pressure due to the decline in the value of the Chinese currency against the dollar in recent days.

China also criticized the US move to impose 10 percent tax on China’s $ 300 billion product. Larry Kudlow, director of the American Economic Council, says the United States has been involved in a heart-to-heart negotiation process, and he still wants things to be settled smoothly. Larry Kudlow said, “We want China’s trade delegation to visit the United States in September. Our doors are open for further talks.” It is to be noted that last week’s talks in Shanghai between the two countries were fruitless.

According to the director of the Economic Council, if the United States and China agree on an agreement so President Trump will consider withdrawing additional taxes recently imposed on Chinese products. Otherwise, the president can take further steps against China. In a tweet by President Trump, he vowed that he would not tolerate further exploitation of American farmers by China and would be given full protection.


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