US rejoins rejoin Paris agreement on Climate Change

The United States announces its rejoining of the Paris Agreement in 2015

The United States announces its rejoining of the Paris Agreement in 2015

Washington … News Time

US President Joe Biden has announced the rejoining of the United States in the 2015 Paris Agreement on the protection of the environment. Addressing an online meeting in Munich, Germany, he said that climate change poses a serious threat to the world’s survival. If we fail to address this important issue, we will all have to pay the price. We must immediately adopt an aggressive strategy to prevent emissions and hold each other accountable for achieving and increasing our goals. In view of these dangers, as President, I have decided to immediately rejoin the Paris Agreement. The agreement was drafted by the United States and cannot be separated.

Earlier, former President Donald Trump announced his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, after which French President Emmanuel Macron and other world leaders tried to persuade him, but failed. EU member states have breathed a sigh of relief after Biden’s announcement of a withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and have pinned their hopes on the new US administration to end other controversial measures. Addressing the Munich Conference, Biden also thanked European leaders for their continued efforts to protect the environment over the past four years. “We need to work together to innovate in technology, so that we can create clean, pollution-free energy for the future,” Biden said.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that Germany is ready for a new relationship with the United States in a transatlantic partnership. “We want to further develop the partnership. Equality of interests is not always seen,” he said during a speech at the Munich Security Conference. Referring to differences with the United States, he said there was still much to be done. Criticizing Russia, Angela Merkel said the Moscow government was fueling tensions between EU member states. In this context, the common transatlantic issue is crucial in setting the agenda for Russia.


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