US reject sanctions, agreement reached between Iran and China

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Beijing, Washington … News Time

China rejected US sanctions on Iran and signed an agreement with Tehran. According to news agencies, after a meeting between the Foreign Ministers of the two countries in China, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the Beijing government supports the resumption of the 2015 Global Nuclear Agreement between Iran and the world powers. He added that the United States was responsible for the difficulties in restoring the agreement. Referring to his meeting with his Chinese counterpart, the Iranian Foreign Minister said that an agreement has been reached with Beijing to implement the 25-year comprehensive cooperation agreement. The Iranian foreign minister said he had taken the Iranian president’s message to his Chinese counterpart. He said the Vienna talks on lifting sanctions on China were also discussed in detail. Representatives of China and Russia in Vienna are playing a positive role in supporting Iran’s nuclear rights and lifting sanctions. He hoped that the West would also show seriousness in the Vienna talks for a realistic and good agreement. It may be recalled that the United States had imposed sanctions on Iran in 2018 by announcing its unilateral withdrawal from the 2015 global nuclear deal under former President Trump. Negotiations for the restoration of the agreement have been going on in Vienna since then, and several previous rounds have failed.

On the other hand, Foreign Minister Anthony Blanken has warned that there are only a few weeks left to save the Iranian nuclear deal. If talks in Vienna to restore the agreement fail, the United States is ready to resort to other avenues. “We are really running out of time because Iran is getting closer and closer to the moment where it can get the materials it needs to build a nuclear weapon,” he said in a statement, according to media reports. Blanken warned that Iran was gaining ground in the nuclear field, from which it would become more and more difficult to return. The US Secretary of State assured that we are ready for any route, but it is clear that for the security of us and our allies and partners, it would be much better for us to return to the Vienna Agreement, if we do not succeed. If so, then this issue will be dealt with in other ways.


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