US President Trump’s big decision against Pakistan, closing US aid   

The US also condemned Pakistan's military aid

The US also condemned Pakistan’s military aid

Washington … News Time

US President Donald Trump ordered to expand drone attacks in Pakistan against alleged terrorist hideouts, According to the news agency, the US also condemned Pakistan’s military assistance. According to the report released by foreign news agency Reuters Trump administration in the US is changing Pakistan’s policy for further achievements in the war of Afghanistan, According to the report, American authorities have started considering more drone attacks and reduction in military aid under the new policy. The report further states that the US authorities have been accused of blaming Pakistan. There is still safe sanctuary in Pakistan, from which attacks are carried out inside Afghanistan. This is the reason that the Trump Administration is now becoming more difficult in its strategy of Islamabad. The US, on the condition of not showing its identity, said the US wants to improve the current situation in Afghanistan and for this purpose he wants Pakistan to play its role in improving Afghanistan’s situation, which he can pay. According to the report, Pakistan is considering consideration of reducing Pakistan’s status as non-NATO ally or NATO’s non-member country’s largest allied states. This is what the critics of this possible change in Washington’s Pakistan policy within the US administration in this regard. The attempts made by the US year’s year cannot be successful yet, to ensure that Pakistan (allegedly) proclaimed support of the Afghan militant groups.


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