US President Trump Can Brexit Afghan, means that troops can withdraw suddenly from Afghanistan without a deal

US President can Brexit Afghan, meaning troops can withdraw from Afghanistan without agreement

US President can Brexit Afghan, meaning troops can withdraw from Afghanistan without agreement

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Some experts are now wondering whether US President Donald Trump’s decision to abruptly end the 10-month talks with the Taliban in Doha that the US President can do Afghan Brexit, means that troops from Afghanistan can withdraw suddenly without a deal. However, according to some experts, President Trump will never want to end his supremacy by withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. Speaking to The Voice of America, South Asian affairs expert and director of the Pakistan Center at the Middle East Institute, Marvin G. Weinbaum that sudden suspension of talks is part of President Trump’s unexpected decision-making. It was a very uncertain decision. The president does not appear to have suspended the talks in view of the views of his advisers or think tank experts. Nonetheless, there are reasons to believe that the proposed deal with the Taliban, as much detail has been revealed, the presence of US forces in Afghanistan could not be ascertained, as there was a need for American counter-terrorism experts and undercover personnel there. This agreement also does not guarantee any ceasefire. Only the US secures the evacuation routes, the remaining issues are left to the Afghans to extend the ceasefire themselves.

Marvin G. Weinbaum says President Trump, however, was willing to reach a conclusion in talks with the Taliban. He wanted to tell his people in his election campaign that I had safely withdrawn my troops from Afghanistan and brought a long war to an end. According to Marvin G. Weinbaum, President Trump still wants the war to end. Negotiations are suspended, not finished. The Taliban and the United States can still reach an agreement Marvin G. Weinbaum says Mr Trump can also (in his words) Afghan Brexit for his campaign. Trump will still welcome a deal so he can carry it into his campaign. They can also remove soldiers from an agreement without political superiority, if that happened, we would call it Afghan Brexit. However the effects will be serious.

Jalil Abbas Jilani has been Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States and is now associated with a think tank in Washington. Talking to the Voice of America says the end of talks between the United States and the Taliban would be harmful to all parties and the region. Pakistan has made many efforts in the peace process in Afghanistan. In the event of failure, various militant groups besides the Taliban will be active, such as ISIL, al-Qaeda, etc., and it will do much harm to Pakistan, Iran and the entire region.

Kamran Bukhari is an analyst with the Center for Global Policy. In an interview with the Voice of America, he dismisses the possibility that President Trump can be bridged, that the deal comes out of Afghanistan. Two-party politics are on the rise in Washington. President Trump will not do so at all. They certainly make mistakes, especially by saying nothing on Twitter suddenly. But it’s not like they have no strategy. If the army withdraws from Afghanistan, the United States will have no leverage.


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