US President cancels North Korean leader meeting, North Korea destroyed the nuclear weapons experimental site

Experienced sites Punggye-ri were destroyed in the blast during 5 hours

Experienced sites Punggye-ri were destroyed in the blast during 5 hours

Washington, Pyongyang. News time

US President Donald Trump June 12 canceled a meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong-Un. According to international media reports, US President Donald Trump canceled a meeting with North Korean leader in Singapore next month. This Kim Jong-Un has been informed in this regard officially. Donald Trump wrote in a letter to the North Korea that it was said to be sad that the statements coming from North Korea in recent times were based on aggression. The current situation is not favorable to meet. It is clear that the last few days the tension was decreased between the two countries and the tension was over however, the North Korean leader objected to the joint military exercises of South Korea and said that the meeting can be canceled if it does not work.

North Korea destroyed nuclear weapons experimental site. Work was done to eliminate nuclear experimental sites in the presence of foreign journalists. According to the foreign news agency, Punggye-ri, underground nuclear experimental sites, were destroyed in the north-east of North Korea’s northwestern blast. North Korea made six nuclear experiments with nuclear weapons, while Kim Jong-Un was headed by the North Korean president to annihilate nuclear sites. After which Kim Jong-Un met US President Trumpet meeting on June 12.


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