US President be barred from visiting Britain, More than one million people signed the public petition

More than one million people signed the public petition

More than one million people signed the public petition

London … News Time

After taking over the presidency from President Donald Trump controversial form around the world have adopted their decision and protest against British nationals in the United States there has also signed a petition to prevent one million US presidents to visit Britain. Launched a campaign against the British lawyer Graham Guest Donald Trump after winning the US presidential election, according to national news agency official Visit of the President, for which an application highlights the government and the parliament’s website at the end of November to stop the UK. The application that Donald Trump is allowed to come to Britain from his official visit Queen will have to face embarrassment Donald Trump in misbehavior by women and incivility documentary evidence that they do not qualify. The Queen or the Prince of Wales received therefore should not be allowed to trump state visit to Britain as president. Only 372 people have signed the petition against the president but a few days ago, Trump from 7 Muslim outrages after the ban on entry into the United States for Refugees is found and more than one million so far on the application of this decision they have signed and are rapidly increasing. The lawyer said the US request to President Graham Guest that I had made only apply to the UK to visit Donald Trump. But behind I had no idea that I was not objective or policy, nor will it respond to this. He thought that Trump’s decision to ban Muslims from forced it to people do not they also visited the new US president that the United Kingdom wanted. The Donald Trump was banned from entering the United States and Iran refugees 7 countries including Iraq, which was suspended after the US Supreme Court.


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