US President announced budget in 2018 $ 54 billion increase to Defense spending    

US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump


US defense spending in the 2018 budget that Donald Trump is seeking to raise up to $ 54 billion. The US draft budget was sent to various government agencies, Suggested draft of the environmental budget and cuts in foreign aid, However trump the plan has not been disturbed social security and welfare-oriented programs such as Medicare, while Republicans have called for reforms in. Mr. Trump said at a meeting at the White House Guernsey that we have to do more with less (resources), And the government will tell the drive to lower costs and to accountability, Mr. Trump said in his speech before Congress about the country’s infrastructure (facilities) said, We have to focus on infrastructure. President Trump said in his campaign that he would increase defense spending and social programs. Meanwhile, he said that the budget will focus on military, security, and economic development, it is expected that Mr. Trump will present the final draft of his proposed budget in mid-March.


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