US is also responsible for distributing Korea

US is also responsible for distributing Korea

US is also responsible for distributing Korea

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Last year defeated the strong candidate of the US presidential election as Donald Trump Hillary Clinton, so people in the world often wonder. Due to the fact that Mr Trump was proved to be the fighters of war, insurgency and Tees Maar Khan during the election campaign. Maybe the American people believed that such a leader could solve their problems. The Donald Trump has been ruled for a year, as the people of American people are. However, during the year, the Fighters Trump made their contradictory policies rise in hatred, and enmity in the world. He made a new crisis by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Then Russia and China have declared al-Qaida as the rival of the US. They live in Iran, Syria and North Korea.

In 2017 a great war between the Donald Trump and the North Korean government was a stirring war. The North Korean President, Kim Jong Un and Trumpp, insulted each other with insane, and bad words. North Korean Foreign Minister commented on Trump’s speech in the United Nations: Dogs have begun, let him bury him. The Americans and North Korean embarrassment are all aware of the exact reason. The significant reason is that the US, the North Korean nuclear program, sees its danger. He wants North Korea to finish its nuclear program but this Asian country is not ready to do so. North Korea declares its nuclear program its best defense. Obviously, when US Navy has created new nuclear weapons, it also has the right to make all types of weapons in its defense. Notably, North Korean and America’s tropical era is not just a modern but modern one. This history indicates that when the US ruler became powerful, he wanted to occupy North Korea and economically and politically. But the Korean rulers and Russia refused to knee in front of the American colonialist. He has been almost punished with American supermarkets for almost 200 years, and responds strongly to the American rulers in the drunkard of power.

In the 19th Century when America became economically powerful, then American rulers decided that their influence should now be increased abroad. He also kept the example of the UK’s undecided East India Company. This company would create a commercial base in different countries on trade, and then it gradually occupied the area by recruiting troops. So, American rulers decided that the excavations of trade should be increased in Korea, Japan and China. So, after 1850 American ships began to embark on the Korean, Japanese and Chinese ports. Initially all three Asian countries welcomed the Americans. But gradually they realized that missionaries (priests) also ride on American ships. These missionaries used to preach Christianity in the local population and by giving them different items. The Korean government has warned. Now he realized that the excellence of trade wants to introduce his religion and civilization in the US, Korea. That’s why Korea banned the arrival of Western forces’ commercial ships. But the American Americans did not accept this ban.

In July 1866, an American commercial navy, Genral Sherman reached near the present capital of North Korea, Pyongyang. An American missionary was also riding on it. The ship was also installed. When Genral Sherman wanted to move towards Pyongyang while traveling in Tedung River, the Korean administration warned American owners to return back. But the fascinating Americans did not listen to the administration. The Korean army dumped the US ship with fire. All the Americans riding on it were killed. 5 years later, in June 1871, the US military sparked on Korea to take revenge of the sluggish Americans and to enhance its influence in the Korean Peninsula. Americans kill more than 200 Korean people and destroy many settlements. Thus, the America considered being the champion of freedom and human rights, now started turning into colonial and cruel power. In the end of 1882, the Korean government allowed commercial US ships to come, but missionary activities were banned. In 1905 Korea and U S relations got worse again. The reason is that America recognizes Japan as a powerful force in the region. Japan occupied Korea 5 years later on American empire.

The US is also responsible for distributing Korea:

 During the Second World War, the Americans occupied South Korea, while the Soviet Union occupied North Korea. Then the Soviet troops were moving rapidly. So Americans felt that they would occupy South Korea. In order to secure its part, the United States then dissolved with the Soviet Union and divided the Korea Peninsula into two parts. The distribution was temporary but later the cold war between the US and the Soviet Union began. This war of both super powers greatly damaged the Korean people. Many family members separated from each other. Someone’s father went to bed, because of his daughter and daughter-in-law of both the daughter’s daughter, the unfortunate Korean is being divided into two parts till today. The United States ruled South Korea’s ruling class with heavy financial assistance in its color but he could not satisfy the North Korean government. North Korea still declares America as colonial and cruel power. In order to combat this superpower, North Korean rulers also started nuclear weapons.

What happened in 2017?

In 2017 CE, North Korea conducted an experimental hydrogen bomb and four experiments of nuclear missiles. North Korea has conducted 6 experiments of Atom bomb and Hydrogen bomb so far. At present, the attention of the scientists and experts of the country focuses on making missiles that can take nuclear weapons to remote areas, especially in the US. Therefore, there was a lot of increase in the pressure between US and North Korea. Now the American ruling class is feeling that the wars that he initiated are reaching home.

That is why, whenever the North Korea tested nuclear or missiles, President Donald Trump has been on it. Nevertheless this statement states that the US Army will remove North Korea from the page. It is sometimes claimed that the red blood of a mother who damages the US has not yet been born. President Trumpp has special expertise in speaking films such as very emotional and incredible conversations.

Despite the brutal English statement, the majority of experts think that in 2018 the United States and North Korea are much less likely to break. The reason is that neither of the two parties and their colleagues wants to see nuclear war in the least region. The North Korean government is compromised with economic problems. President Kim Jong Un knows that if they can not prosper the economy economically and socially, their power can end. Therefore, the North Korean President America raises oral verbal attacks, but they have avoided a concrete move. A solid step can start the war and the war always brings destruction.

American rulers also realize that if the North Korean economy is multiplied, it is possible to force the government to knees. That’s why UN Security Council imposes new sanctions on North Korea on December 22, 2017, under pressure on American Americans. The Security Council took several restrictions on North Korea 10 times in the past 1112 years, but the US thinks they are not more efficient. For this reason, the US ruling class has taken tough and strict sanctions on North Korea over the previous sanctions. In the implementation of these restrictions, North Korea will only supply 10% of oil to foreign countries than the past. At the moment, he imports 50 million barrel oils for domestic needs. This restriction takes only 5 million barrels of oil.

In the second two countries, the Northern Koreans are employed; they will be rescued in the next 2 years. Thus, Korea will lose valuable trade. Third, after new restrictions, now North Korea will not be able to sell certain goods manufactured in the country, such as machinery, electrical products, and abroad. The above fact is that the US wants to consolidate the North Korea economy. Obviously, the severe shortage of oil in the country is born, business life will be suspended. So the worst economy will be more destructive. In this situation, North Korea’s people and the people can pressure their government to suspend or atomic plan at least.

Surprisingly, Russia and China also proclaimed new sanctions. Both of them traditionally support North Korea. Perhaps the young North Korean president was not ready to hear the statements of friend governments, because of which China and Russia too had lost it. Nevertheless, both North Korean patriarchs have full potential to improve the relationship between the North Korean governments through the embassy of America. But North Korea is not interested in diplomacy right now. Experts say, North Korea wants to first acquire such a nuclear capability that he can clean Los Angeles in the same way. After this capacity, the North Korean government will sit on the table to settle matters.

It is clear from the circumstances that even in 2018, attacking each other of North Korea and the United States will use widespread weapons. But this dialogue is likely to change in the real war. Although changing the color like an illusion and a chromatic color, American President can make a decision by suddenly making a new crisis in the world, a new crisis.


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