US followed in the footsteps of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan

The Pentagon believes that if the United States does not withdraw from Afghanistan, its fate in Afghanistan will be similar to that of the Soviet Union.

The Pentagon believes that if the United States does not withdraw from Afghanistan, its fate in Afghanistan will be similar to that of the Soviet Union.

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Former Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hassan, while addressing a rally in Karachi during the Go America Go movement in 2008, announced that the United States was looking for a safe passage out of Afghanistan. The Pentagon believes that if the United States does not withdraw from Afghanistan, its fate in Afghanistan will be similar to that of the Soviet Union. But on Wednesday, February 17, President Joe Biden, while announcing the appointment of Rebecca Zimmerman, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asian States, separated Zalmai Khalilzad from the Afghan issue and stated his intention. Rebecca Zimmerman Rebecca Zimmerman is going to review the Afghan peace agreement. Reacting immediately to this, on February 18, the FP repeated Syed Munawar Hassan’s 2008 sentence: “America is going the same.” Way as the Soviets in Afghanistan the United States is on its way to the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The newspaper writes in its description that! The time has come for the complete defeat of the United States in Afghanistan and the complete victory of the Taliban. The United States wants to win the civil war in Afghanistan once again, in which it will try to use India and the weak Afghan government, which will lead to human casualties and failure.

This is what Gulbuddin Hekmatyar said a few days ago that the United States will withdraw from Afghanistan only after complete destruction and its fate will be like that of the Soviet Union. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar had said in October 2020 that the United States has decided to withdraw from Afghanistan, even if Donald Trump loses the presidential election, he will still withdraw. The decision to withdraw is made not only by Trump but also by the CIA, Pentagon and military generals. In response to the US President’s announcement to cancel the peace talks with the Taliban, the Taliban had said that the US would suffer the most from the cancellation of the talks. After which September 23, 2020 was set as the first day of inter-Afghan talks and the talks took place on the same day. But the coalition of Afghan and Indian governments has so far hampered the talks. US President Joe Biden’s anti-peace stance will be seen by the world and the loss of his life and property will be greater. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid says the struggle over the past 20 years has proved that until all international forces withdraw from Afghanistan, they will not be satisfied with anything else. According to him, the war will continue till this target is achieved. FP says! U.S. forces too soon could trigger civil war, hand the Taliban victory US forces are preparing to start a civil war very soon, which will lead to the victory of the Taliban.

In 2011-2012, when about 150,000 foreign troops were involved in the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Under President Obama, the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan began, and by 2014, the United States and NATO had ended military operations in Afghanistan, bringing the total number of US troops to 10,000. But at the time of the withdrawal, then-Vice President Joe Biden was opposed to the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan. Since then, Afghan forces have taken over security responsibility. The Taliban took advantage of the evacuation to expand their control. Afghan forces carried out operations against the Taliban, but also suffered heavy casualties. Since 2015, 30,000 Afghan soldiers have been killed fighting the Taliban. In the same period, 60 American soldiers have been killed. One of the reasons for the huge discrepancy is that US troops are no longer part of the military operation. It remains to be seen in Biden’s new policy what NATO will do after the US decision.

It is unclear whether US forces will be withdrawn or increased. We do not have any final data on this. The Taliban say they control more than half of the country, but cannot confirm that. The government does not have any official figures, but on different occasions different government officials give different numbers. But it is clear that the Taliban have controlled most of the area since it was ousted from the government in 2001. Given these circumstances and all the formulas for the establishment of governments in the world, it is clear that only the Taliban have the right to rule Afghanistan, but as soon as Biden comes, the US will once again rule Afghanistan from the Taliban by force. Wants to finish with the help of former Afghan Prime Minister and Hezb-e-Islami chief Gulbuddin Hekmatyar says Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan is important. But because of India, Joe Biden is a staunch opponent of this role, but now the United States needs to consider the news and commentary in its own newspapers, which are demanding that the massacre of Muslims in Afghanistan and US forces be stopped. Stop the devastation and if you don’t, the United States will be begging like the Soviet Union.


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