US diplomat Colonel Josephheld into custody as the attempts to escape from PAF Base Nur Khan

US diplomat Colonel Joseph

US diplomat Colonel Joseph

Islamabad … News Time

Pakistani teen killer to escape US Colonel C130 aircraft sent to Afghanistan in Bagram Air Base was shifted after 4 hours. The FIA ​​officer stopped the US embassy from being ridden in the plane. On this occasion American authorities have been asked to withdraw Colonel Joseph’s resignation. The United States has been clarified that the progress is not possible without trial. Some sources claim that the aircraft reached Pakistan on the assurance of some officials of the Foreign Ministry.

According to the details, the US sent C130 aircraft to CIA on November 12 to take the killer Colonel Joseph on Noor Khan Air Base Chakalah in Bagram Airbase Saturday, after returning for 4 hours. The FIA ​​promptly executed the United States’s defense deficit from going out. There were also two officers in the US in the United States of America, the military officers and secretaries deployed in Afghanistan. Sources close to the high officials of the FIA ​​said 8 personnel of the US embassy had reached the Nur Khan Air Base by carrying out a rescue officer Col. Joseph’s luggage and passport. US officials failed to present the Interior Ministry’s NOC on the occasion. Sources say Americans were convinced at any level with the Pakistani Foreign Ministry that they could get help if they tried to take Colonel Joseph, but other institutions failed. On the occasion, the FI’s High Commissioner of Immigration refused to allow the passport to check the passport. The Immigration Officer said that Colonel Joseph’s name is in stop-lest, so he can not travel. The immigration officer informed the top officials about the diplomatic staff on this matter. Stunt Director Immigrant reached the spot and took Colonel Joseph’s passport on its own. Meanwhile the US Embassy staff and the FIA ​​officials continued discussions for a long time; however, FEA authorities did not accept one.

The Americans asked for permission to contact the Pakistani authorities through their foreign ministry, which was strongly rejected and it was told that the Islamabad High Court had given any decision to them, and it would be shown. US officials said that no such order and decision was with them. Colonel Joseph retained the full diplomatic immunity from the Americans, but no action was taken against him in Pakistan. According to the sources, Americans threatened Pakistani officials on the occasion that Colonel Joseph did not resolve the issue soon, the issue could further affect the level of relations between the two countries. FIA officials refused to allow the accused to take along, but American officials expressed their disappointment to Joseph without returning to Afghanistan. Sources say that in view of Colonel Joseph’s escape of the escape, the interior ministry is expected to be ordered soon. Colonel Joseph’s name has been quite complicated due to being on the belt list. The next week, the report highlights the final decision of putting the US killer name into the ECL.

On the other hand, on the other hand, Colonel Joseph’s car was killed by consulting the Ministry of Interior to execute the decision of Islamabad High Court by Atiq’s father Adris. The decision is expected on Monday on this. Atiq’s father Adris said he wanted justice. At the moment, the matter of Dath is not under consideration, we want to follow the court orders. Pakistani authorities have proved that the killer of a Pakistani citizen can be punished.

Remember that on April 7, a motorbike was killed by a rocket attack on the US Embassy in a US Embassy in Thaohar area of ​​Islamabad at Atiq, while another teenager Rachel was injured. After the incident Islamabad police moved to the US Embassy vehicle to cross the border, however, because of diplomatic immunity, American Colonel Joseph could not be arrested. The deceased Atiq Baif’s father filed a petition filed in the ECP. On this request the court adjourned the Interior Ministry to decide the decision to put US Colonel ECL in two weeks. The interior ministry was told to the court that Colonel Joseph could not go out because of being named in the binary list. Islamabad High Court has admitted that Colonel Joseph does not get full diplomatic immunity. It should also be noted that on Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has imposed restrictions on restricting the movements of American diplomats in Pakistan. The Pakistani government has made it clear to the US Department of State that Pakistani citizens will be prosecuted against Colonel Joseph involved in the death of Atiq. America also respects Pakistan’s law. The court has to take permission from the court after the order of Islamabad’s order; therefore the judicial permission of the US can not be allowed to go abroad without judicial permission. The Foreign Office has also copied the American authorities a court verdict, According to which the Islamabad High Court has given the government a two-month extension to the killer US to join the ECL.


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