US Decide to be install missile defense system in South Korea, China, Russia objections

US Agency defense system THAAD launch

US Agency defense system THAAD launch

Beijing … News Time

From the United States on the possible installation of sophisticated anti-missile system in South KoreaRussia and China have expressed concern jointlyand warned that it is unlikely to decrease in the region’s hatred. According to German media said the foreign ministers of Russia and China.The South China Sea dispute and the US are coming out it must be involved in this way. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in the Chinese capital that no justification of the art THAAD missile system installation in the context of North Korea’s military actions, North Korea has missile systems installation unnecessary and equates to undermine the security balance in the region. Russian Foreign Minister said that the pretext of military experiences Pyongyang Korean Peninsula neighborhood cannot be justified to increase security activities. The United States announced to install the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) in South Korea. Foreign Ministers of Russia and China said jointly that the THAAD anti-missile system installation crisis in the Korean Peninsula and a peaceful resolution of the conflict will not change. China’s foreign minister said the missile installation is likely to directly affect the security of Russia and China. Philippines in the South China Sea dispute to the UN maritime arbitration case filed an appeal in court and according to China is moving forward with reconciliation with Laos, Brunei and Cambodia. The three countries have made it clear that the South China Sea dispute should be brought under discussion in the forum of ASEAN. China’s sovereignty at sea, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam has challenges.


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