US aid should only be sent to friends, not enemies: Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump addresses first "State of the Union"

US President Donald Trump addresses first “State of the Union”

Washington … News Time

US President Donald Trump says that there will be four pillars of our policy, Immigration, border security, green card, refugee policy will bring changes. He said that in the era of terrorism, the visa lottery can not be implemented, open borders means the country’s population of drugs and gangs. US President Donald Trump first told in the “State of the Union” that we ended up with Obama Healthcare, In the manufacturing sector, 200,000 jobs were created, for the first time in 45 years the unemployment rate decreased for the first time. He said the US companies reduced tax tax by 21 percent to 21 percent, without documentation, those who accompanied parents would get citizenship based on education. The Donald Trump adds that you will have to end the differences, will not give synthetic debals to Afghanistan. He said that a $ 20 billion aid was sent to the voters who voted against us. Instead of enemies, only friends should be given to friends. He says Congress told me that Iran should remove the problems in New Claire deal, When the Iranian people stood against corrupt rulers, I supported them, and Iran will support the efforts of independence.

US President also announced to open Guantanamo’s mobile jail. He said that 100 percent of the Islamic State (ISIL) occupied Syria in Iraq and Iraq, the carrotrots will continue until the end of the Islamic State (ISIL). He said the threats to North Korea would reduce; criminals with foreigners should be treated as terrorists.


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